The hat fits like a speedo
Perfect for cooler Texas weather for my son that works outside
good material
This belt is outstanding I like to wear my belt tight and this does the job all day and looks great too
I loved the quality of the sweatpants. However the length has not been factored into size. its too long. I may have to get it altered.
Was surprised at the fit, softness and keeping shape after washings. Have used Fruit of the Loom for over 60 years and have never been dissatisfied.
Used once so far. Worked well. Clamps seem good quality.
Great wallet. is as described.
Fits perfectly, just have to keep in my truck till needed...does not fit wife.
I liked the sweatpants but disappointed that they did not have pockets.
Just as many others have said, these are great glasses but the rubber pieces will degrade over time. Costa has excellent warranty support, however, it would be nice if there wasn't a need to contact them.

Other than that, these are the best glasses I've had for bass fishing. Especially useful in low light conditions like cloudy days.
I guess it's my own fault for thinking it would be larger when the measurements are in the description. Based on the photos of the models holding the purse, it does appear bigger than it is, but after seeing the actual product I'm convinced that the models are just proportionally short and skinny in a way that makes it look like they're holding a bigger bag. The outside pockets are tiny too. The side ones are big enough to hold a stack of business cards but nothing else. Oh, and if you get the version with the two zippers on either side of the front, know that they're purely decorative. Not even a stick of gum is gonna fit in there.

As for the quality, it seems pretty good. Feels like a nice soft imitation leather and the coloring is nice. I'm a little concerned with other reviews saying that it doesn't hold up, so hopefully I won't be revising my review in a couple weeks.
This was a waste off money, not much elastic in it... it constantly falls down so its pointless.
Stone came out only after wearing a fee days with light wear
Having previously purchased a similar item that had the elastic stretched around the widest part of the carbon fiber casing, I found it was always difficult to access the cards, Saw this one with the elastic around the short side and the long indentation at the bottom, I decided to give this one a try. It is much easier to access all cards by pushing cards up using that bottom indentation. Once the cards are up, you just need to squeeze the two pieces of carbon fiber together and the cards at the top fan out nicely. I consider this to be a much more user friendly design than the first one I tried. The elastic band is easy to store business cards and cash. Finally I like the fact that two extra elastic bands are included.
Most comfortable boxer briefs you'll ever own. So smooth & stink free.. excellent product!
Not as expected
Best thing for a laugh
Just buy it don't think. If you want more comfortable than this then go to costco and buy the ones made with 100% cotton.
Great performance at reasonable price
Smaller then they made it appear in there ad. A little disappointed but will try to make it work.
Seem to be pretty good socks so far. I havent given them sufficient time to see how quickly holes wear etc, but so far so good
This is the second time I order these. The first time the earrings looked great. So much that I ordered a second pair in case one fell out of my daughters ear and the pair I got this time are much smaller and look cheap. Sending them back
According to he who is wearing them, he's happy with these. They're comfortable and they wash well.
We love the BNUS sunglasses. I ordered these for my husband and myself (our third order) and we both bought the same size, mine black his the bluish green color. However mine fit perfectly and his are big. When ordering color they are not the same size as they should be, but one size too big. We ordered these prior to vacation and once we got back (after using them and realizing they didn't fit properly) they closed the return date so we are unable to return them for a smaller size. Very disappointed and will most likely be getting our sunglasses elsewhere.
Great shorts to get the job done. Paid less for 2 pairs then I would have on a major name brand. If your looking for clothes with out the major cost, this line is it. Plus the hooded muscle shirts are perfect.
Great hat. Love the color and style. Fits really great!
I searched for a charm bracelet for my five year old granddaughter, and similar ones at the mall jewelry stores were way too expensive. This bracelet is very well made and easy to take on and off. The charms slide on easily and are interchangeable with the more expensive ones from the jewelry stores if you want to splurge. I haven't given the bracelet to my granddaughter yet so I can't say if she loved it, but I'm betting she will.