Finally! My Jeans my size! Love the price too!
After a few washings these were thin and mishapen. Buy something better.
I had one like this for couple years and lost it so bought a replacement because I love it so much. Got a new one in December just got it for a few months and it broke. Doesn't look like I can return it now. SMH.
Love the way they change color. And you cant beat the price. Can see into the water very well. Lightweight. Doesnt get as dark as advertised (see pictures). I cant go in the sun. Without my eyes hurting on a regular bases. I always rely on sunglasses in the sun. Waring these in very bright sun. Hurts my eyes. I wore them while driving in the rain. And found that I could see very well without windshield wipers. Although they have a green glow on my dashboard and other windshields. They are great for driving.
mum loves it...she uses it with matching bag and
I can't stop to order from amazon Ray Ban product because they are real and fancy, fast delivery and very easy to return it in case that you are not 100% satisfy with the product. I brought this sunglasses for my friend for his birthday and I know that he will love it. Very happy with my purchase.
Glasses arrived in a nice zippered case with two cleaning cloths. Well made and looks good when I put them on.
fits great and great price .
Cotton is a tad bit lighter every year, but these have been the most comfortable and sturdy at such a fine, fair price.
I love that it has so many pockets and compartments. Keeps me organized. It's a lot bigger than expected and the shoulder straps are too short. It's up in my armpit and uncomfortable. I don't like cross over bags so I don't use that but it's nice to have I guess. Also, the inside cloth lining get caught in the zippers every time and I've already broken one zipper from that and I've only had it a week so I'm not a fan of that. But you get what you pay for so I can't complain too much. I'm cheap wirh purses
Hubby loves it!!
Nice shorts but a little too short
Nice looking well made shirt...
Bought this so my son could be BBno$ for Halloween. It worked perfect and my son was pleased. It also kept his head warm since it was a chillier Halloween than usual.
I Use it of off duty/plain clothes carry for LEO. Works perfectly
Great socks . my legs feel geat
Very nice. Well-made. 2mm is larger than I thought it would be, but I
found a nice stone pendant that goes great with it.
Perfect price and material. Bought a bunch for Christmas!
Happy with the fit and quality.
I wear 30-31 waist size. I got the small. These fit well on lower thigh and on my waist, but they do not hug my body. I washed them once already thinking they might shrink a little, but no difference. I will not buy these again. Boxer briefs I bought in the past hug my butt and junk...
Sizing runs smaller than it states but quality is nice, thick leather.
It doesn't make you slimmer -- you're still the same size. It streamlines the shape, though. It's a tight fit, like others have mentioned, but that's what it's supposed to be. Perfect for under a clingy white t-shirt that was snug in the wrong places. Lots of compliments.
Very nice
Good looking & great fit!
Great price and product. Why pay more?
delicate and elegant. I absolutely love it.
Nice. I just think $27 is a lot of money. But I use them around my home and keep my feets warm