Ordered 3 large hoodie which should have been the perfect size after a wash and dry. This hoodie out of the package fit pretty snug and covered my wast line barly, after 1 wash and dry the bottom of the hoddie was at my belly button, huh! I gave them to my son which is a men's small, he's 13yrs old and weighs 110 pds. I think that an XXL in this brand would fit the average male, 5'8 160 pds, I'll submit a photo when my son picks the cloths up off the floor
They're very comfortable and keeps my feet warm in winter.
Stylish, comfortable, great image. Perfect summer sunglasses for the fashion, retro crowd.
A little long but my daughter is short. Fits perfectly everywhere else
I like this hat. It is simple and of reasonably good quality. Nothing remarkable but a solid hat.
The mask is comfortable and provides extra protection from the cold, it fits comfortably under a helmet. The material is on the thinner side so it doesn't provide the same warmth as a fleece-type product. The mesh around the mouth/nose does work to prevent your glasses from fogging, though only about 85-90% which is still very good.
The material is very itchy. Not comfortable at all, not even as a t-shirt I would want to work in yard with. You get what you pay for...
a little smaller tha i would expect
Love them...very useful and does it's purpose...
I only ordered 2 to make sure it is what I wanted. Will be ordering more soon.
Great for hiking
My daughter loves these! I bought them for her second hole. They fit next to her lobe and are so cute!
Comfortable, medium weight socks for a Bigfoot. I like em!
The leather feel is good and good for daily use. If you have a lot of card, you may feel it too thick for folding.
Very comfortable. Ill buy again.
Great price for summer intern job. Nice set
GREAT quality very comfy. I'm wear on of them now.
Tried it on as soon as I got it and am happy with the fit and the quality.

Cant wait to wear it when I go out next! Should be much more comfortable now
I love Hawaiian shirts, the brighter and more colorful the better. This shirt fits the bill completely. The fit is good, if maybe a bit tight around the shoulders and back, but I like it and it's comfortable. Went through the wash well. I plan to buy at least four more.
Purchased these in black and white. Comfortable material but they do run small. I'm afraid that after the first wash they will no longer fit.
Everything I needed. Great pockets, clear DL, and has the real nice leather soft grain to it. At 16-20 dollars a steal
Great socks but the SM/MED run big. I wear a womens 8-1/2 shoe and these socks are to long for me. UPDATE: Turns out the first pair I wore are the next size up.
Must have been packaged incorrectly, but the others are still a little big.
On a positive note, these socks are the best I have found for Planter Facitis. Also, comfortable to sleep in
these are cute glasses to wear as an accessory. they scratch fairly easily, but they are really good to wear and show off!
Excellent product I recommend them The price is great
These glasses have allowed me to drive at night. I am enjoying my freedom.
It is excelent bag
Product arrived very well. The box is so nice, as picture shown, but I expected them a lit bigger, they are very nice, but very very small. it is my fault.
The card slots are a tad small and two of them won't hold a card at all
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustom25pwnm https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/ZLYY-dhiver-Velours-Pantalon-Pantalons