You get what you paid for. The whole thing is plastic. You can't really adjust the nose pads because the frame is plastic. I don't have a bridge so they constantly slide off and looks a bit wonky on me. I can't really tell if its really polarized. I got the pink ones and there's a noticable tint of blue when you wear them. The backside which is the side you look through is blue. I have owned polarized glasses before of course costing more than $20 and they work very well and I can see the difference. These I cannot see a huge difference. If they are polarized they are not by much. They are very stylish and the packaging that they came in is very fancy which I love. These are nice "polarized" glasses that I am not afraid to loose. If you're looking for true polarized glasses, these are not it. It is possible to buy polarized glasses for cheap (not under $20) but style is usually missing from the equation.
Still holding up after 6 months. No color fade, no loose threads. Has kept its shape also. Very comfortable.
The suspenders my husband normally ordered started being made with a 'low' quality stretch material. He called and spoke with the manufacturer [a mom and pop company] however they didn't seem to care. He searched until he found this brand. He has now ordered 4 sets of this brand. He will never go back to the other brand. These hold up and do not get stretched out of shape!They are available in several color options.
Good value for price. Generous sizing. Long enough to stay secure at ears. Thick enough to keep head warm.
These are the worse underwear for men, horrible quality, really tight on the legs
Great Item... Just as described.
Great belt, except buckle keeps coming loose. It's annoying to keep needing to reattach it
Great quality, wonderful for taller men. No coming out of the pants when bending down.
I bought 2 during the lighting deal. The blue one came with snaps on the side to hold the brim up. The pink one did not have snaps. Both are light weight and should travel well. Just wish they both had the snaps. I think they'll work out for my usage.
bad fit. too small
I'm rough on everything but this Jas held up. I waited a bit before posting this review. Other than some scrapes on outside for a crappy work truck seat this wallet is like new.
IMO well worth what I paid. Need a simple no frills....RFId blocking inexpensive but not cheap wallet. This is it
Great work shirts for my bf
a little shorter than I like, but still great quality and looks great.
Fake, I own Holbrook sunglasses in other colors and you can see they're fake. Made in China, did not come in real Oakley packaging, no paperwork, the bag is fake the tag is small and doesn't even read, holbrooks have the name not printed but molded and don't have metal in the legs. Very disappointed these weren't cheap.
I had problems with my underwear riding up my leg during physical activity before I switched to these ones
These sunglasses are great for my little one! Bendable and stylish for little heads and hands. Love that the lenses are polarized, too!
Just what I wanted.
Very comfortable and the fit is awesome.
I love the convince of this wallet. Going from a tri-fold wallet to this is like night and day. It's not bulky or cumbersome at all. Love the option of putting the wallet in my front pocket or jacket pocket. I would recommend getting this.
Very confortable
Like the product, but it runs a bit small. A size 5 fits my average sized 4 years old just nice now.
Very nice quality I would HIGHLY Recommend this product. Shipping fast too! Kudos
Good value on time delivered
Beautifully made! I love the style and multiple card slots. It snaps closed easily even when many credit cards and change are in it. Generally, I really like this wallet
I wear them.
These are good low-mid cut briefs. They offer superior report and are quite comfortable. I originally bought to sleep in so I wouldnt roll over on my nuts, and they keep everything place. After wearing them a few nights, I actually enjoyed wearing them through the day. Great briefs. Wish they came in classic white, but I dont mind the colors.
Great !!! Perfect for my oversized chanels
This purse is perfect. Excellent quality, lots of pockets and beautiful to boot!
Nice hat for sun protection with deep bill, and has a strap for windy days.Étirement-Pantalons-Taille-Décontractée