Very cute. My daughter will appreciate getting this gift for the holidays.
I like them.
The color is not the same as the picture... The main color is dark green not navy blue. I am disappointed because I wanted the entire set but canceled the other order because its dark green...
I love it too much and i would like to buy next months
Very well made with a classy look and a very good price.
Size is perfect. Material is a thinner than what i would have liked.
Very cute
Bought for my husband, he loves the weight for summer and it is a good looking robe to boot. It is actually the second one I've purchased because the new puppy ate the first one.
Works great. Protection from sun and heat
My sisters loved this.... I did not expect it!
Amazing, great styles and good quality.
I bought this one for my 18 years old daughter, it is a very nice purse, I want the same!
Outstanding sunglasses , does not feel cheep , and they look Great !!!! I will definitely order more styles !!!
This is a best kind of slimming shirt ever, I have tried many product but this is different and better quality, very soft and comfortable, will buy again and again.
Purchased for my 18 year old daughter, who has been more or less living in it ever since. She loves the warmth, softness, and weight of it.
It looks real and Im a very picky person . Im really glad that Ive got what I was looking for .
Muy bueno
The material hangs well and doesn't bunch up. The acid test was this past weekend when I wore them all day riding on a motorcycle in very very hot weather and was astonishingly comfortable all day. I highly recommend these undies. I ordered another pair already. If they were a lot cheaper, I would immediately replace all my underwear with these. As it is, I'll just have to add a pair now and then. PS the sizing/fit ran true.
i was looking for a loose fitting pair of shorts and these were just perfect as desribed. they wear so nicely and a great fit. highly recpommend them for longing around the house, for bedwear, and walking.
After reading the other reviews I bought a size smaller than I usually do and after the initial shrinkage it fit perfectly.
Better than expected...heavy duty hook for outdoor use.
iI absolutely LOVE this bag!!! I bought the pearl one and constantly get compliments when I'm out wearing it. When I visited London I went to a store that had a huge display of actual Shrimps bags and honestly, I actually like mine more. The real deal is so heavy that I can't imagine it would be practical to walk around with it. Not to say these are light, they have a quality weight to them but they're still practical to walk around with. Also the real deal doesn't have as nice of lining as these do! This one comes with a little baggy that you can close and the detail of the drawstrings having bead-work is so cute. My mom kept complimenting the bag every time I walked around with it that I finally surprised her with a pearl one of her own. I think these bead bags have a timeless quality that everyone, both young and old, would be super into, but they're still trendy and striking so they seem fresh. Great idea for a Mother's Day gift! Also, can Miuco please please please make some Susan Alexandra-type of bead bags? I think the same customers would love those!! Thank you again!!
These are excellent under shirts. I just have to buy some every year cause of the weekly washing and stretching, but I always buy them for my self cause of comfort and low sweat factory in the summer
Nice looking shorts but a little small
beautiful well made ties at a great price. I would readily recommend
I should have paid more attention to the reviews for these Gildan Short Leg Boxer Briefs. The briefs are 100% cotton, according to the description, which isn't inherently a bad thing. But, they lack the elasticity, of which they would have, if they had a percentage of spandex in them. After one day, they have lost their shape and bunch up when wearing. Also, the Briefs I ordered were supposed to be "mixed black" colors but instead I received five pairs of blue and red Briefs. I don't like red briefs. I rated the fit as "Too Large", just due to the fact of how they stretch out and do not retain their shape. I hate leaving negative reviews but it's important to let other's know what they are getting when spending their hard earned money. I'm very disappointed in Gildan, which is a brand that I thought highly of.
For chest dimensions it recommended me to get 2XL but it is slightly tight. I will recommend a bigger size if your chest is large.
Looks like real gold jk
Strong material with an equally strong and unique buckle.
Would highly recommend.