First off, love the size. The size is small enough to wear in a top piercing or big enough to wear alone on my bottom piercing and be a classy stand-alone earring. The color is not as I expected for September's color but very, very pretty. If you are familiar with the wear they color grade blue topaz, these would fall in the range of "London Blue Topaz". Otherwise, if you are familiar with Crayola crayons, these would be the "Cornflower Blue" crayon. For the price these are keepers and will probably become favorites when I wear blue.
Fabric appears awfully thin. We will see how well they wear. Otherwise they're fine, like the style.
Ordered the size 52 lense. It is a perfect size for a smallish face. Love the black matte, rubber frame.
Im always on the move and my tie refuses to stay in place. These tie bars do their job and keep it in place.
What is a little small for 3x fit more like a 2x but they still get the job done just have to tug back n them a little more.
Good quality to bad cant be made in country.
I love the bag, I just wish I received the one I ordered. I ordered black and silver but received purple and silver instead.
Nice Bright Orange Just what I was lloking for.
Un peu serr pour les cuisses. Sinon elle adore.
I ordered this in mango for my 8 year old in a size 8. It fits her perfectly. She is average height and weight for her age. The color pops and looks very summery! Its comfortable when she is playing no loose straps or tugging. Buy it!!
Perfect fit with extra softness
Great quality leather, but it isn't the same color as the pictures. Mine is almost purple.
I love these so far. They were a great price and they are as advertised. My ears have gotten so sensitive but when im wearing these it feels like in not even wearing them. They are a little small but i also just ordered the group of 5 with different sizes. Great earrings!
I bought this earing for my 5 yr old daughter. When it arrived and I showed it to her she absolutely loved it. It looks so pretty. She has warn it now for about a week and a half and hasn't taken it off...yet. Reason why I love this earing so much is because the back part of the earing doesn't poke her when she is laying down or sleeping. Very satisfied with the quality. Well made.
Bought these as a gift for my wife since she like to lean over the side of boats...
Shirt fit fine except for the length. I usually wear medium but this thing is way too long. Hung this next to other medium shirts in my closet and it is another 4 inches longer. Should have been marked for big and tall sizes but it wasn't.
Good product. Have purchased twice
They have good quality and are thick.
So far so good!! I like the polarized lens, but wish the other lens that came with it were also polarized. They fit well and are well made. Nice case too.
Is truly Fruit of the Loom :-)
I really like this bag. Im not sure how long its going to last... the straps are pretty thin, which worries me. But so far, its held up well and looks really cute.
Nice upgrade from my old wallet.
Daughter loves it, shes excited to learn to read the time
My son loves and practically lives in his hoodie!
The bow tie was great but one of the clips on the suspenders didn't clip. We had to get another one for homecoming from JC Penney.
As advertised. Soft and comfy.
Fit good
Ive been wearing these for a few weeks now and I love them. Finally got away from whitey tighties that Id been wearing for decades because I couldnt find anything as comfortable, but these keep everything in place and look nice too. Fit is right on.
Too small for the frames on the bottom. They frequently fall out when I clean the glasses.