I love this bathing suit! I also bought it in the next size up because my daughter will grow by the middle of swim season.
Pants are way too small and do not fit like the size . I was unable to actually try on because to small and could not get my legs in pants
Very soft
Very beautiful but Fell apart after a month
It was just right
Excellent belt!
Fits small. I wish I went a size or two up
I love this nautical beach bag and purchased 4. Great design, well made and the perfect size for a day at the beach. One of your bags was given to a girlfriend last week. The second is for another girlfriend's July birthday present. I would definitely recommend the beach bag to buyers for their use or as gifts to family and friends!! Lynn S
My girl loves this watch. Happy spouse , happy house !
I bought these earrings for my adult daughter and she can't stop wearing it.
I really like these. The fit well, look great, and feel good. Look well made too.
The best quality for the cheapest price you'll pay for a fitted hat anywhere except for maybe China, goodbye 25.00 roller 59/50 hello KBETHOS
Nice for lounging around in. Soft and not too heavy.
Thia bag its perfect !! Great quality for what you pay ! And love the fact it comes with a charm !!
The color of the tie is exactly as pictured online. However, I bought 2 of these ties and they came in different packaging which was surprising to me. Overall I would purchase this again!
Beautiful charm!
I very much enjoy them shirts. Fits perfect
i loved it
It does what it's supposed to. Very good quality. These are the best! I've tried others and these are the most comfortable and least noticeable under clothing.
These are very comfortable for every purpose possible. I use them for sitting in my car for long periods of time, and for regular walking. The drawstring sometimes gets longer than needed but it's workable.

Heads up that every color is not alike. The grey or heather (see description) is not 100% cotton.
Got these for my husband and he absolutely loves them. It came with a great case and cleaning cloth.
It said that it is Stirling silver..!! I don't know what to say about the results .
Both of her ears were hurt.
But if your child ears are not sensitive I would recommend it. Thay are pretty.
they r sox
So far it feels good and keeps my feet warm.
This bracelet is beautiful. I bought it for myself and love to wear it.
Delivered everything as described. I am very happy with my purchase and would certainly give this a great rating
They look great. Problem is, they cause terrible headaches. At first I thought it was just me, so I handed them to someone else on the sunny soccer field. Low and behold, about 30 minutes later they had they exact same complaints as me. We both found we squinted MORE with these sunglasses than when we weren't wearing them. We both got identical headaches across our brows. If its not too late, I'm returning these. They are truly terrible. But they look great...
Super cute.
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustom6u0gl7 https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/Guess-Iconic-W0979L6-Montre-Femme