They are comfortable when I first put them on. But as the day goes by, they seem to stick to me and become very uncomfortable. As far as breathability, I don't notice any difference between them and the all cotton boxer briefs I own. I wear other Fruit of the Loom underwear, but I can't recommend buying these.
After some initial confusion with the sizing, I finally narrowed the sock pack down to the right fit. With winter starting late in the south. I timed the arrival perfectly. I did have to order up just a bit, because my daughter is slender but cursed with the larger family feet. Here is my assessment of the Hanes low cut socks:


*Reasonably thick and ideal for our climate
*Fits well with all sneakers and boots and snug enough to wear they don't slide down and distract or irritate her
*Excellent price for good quality and large quantity pack of low-cut socks
*Bright colors and variations are favorites for my daughter, so these worked out perfectly for her
*Fairly durable, and if past experience is an indicator, they will last for long enough to more than justify the expense


*Some imperfections along the seams, and if we were in colder climates these are a little thinner making them an impractical solution
*Personal and not manufacturing con: I'm pretty sure this is normal for kids, but no matter how much she likes her socks, she is compelled to steal mine. It's only annoying when I look for my socks and find the drawer empty. She's craft that way.

Really the price and quality are more than reasonable for consumers on a tight budget, and I am one of those consumers. The socks work for the money I have to work with, and I feel guilt-free being able to provide good socks for my daughter.
These are nice.
Very small and short
Love it!
Size way to small
This replaced my metal card holder. The clasp broke, and it had a tendency to pop open and spill the contents. This zipper version is always secure, the slots are more sturdy, and the end pocket is big enough to hold cash.
I love this purse. It's a perfect size not to big but not to small..
Just what I needed.
I absolutely loved the look of this wallet right out of the box; professional, sleek & crisp. However, like all wallets , it needs to be broken in, & thus might be a problem at first when trying to transfer ALL your cards etc. , all at once. I actually do not like the money clip feature, because it puts more pressure on the other card slots (personal preference). I may cut that clip out tomorrow, not really sure. IT IS A GOOD (smaller) WALLET , that's made me RETHINK what I'LL NEED IN LIFE.
Is nice and useful. Can be a good present. Does not smell as bad as other brands.
Shirt was nice , sleeves are a bit short thi
It is nice and wife loves it. Very great value
These shrunk up perfect in hot water in the bath tub. Wore them to dry.
Really like the color and texture as well.
I ended up ordering my actual waist size, which worked for me.
Great fit
It's worth the price and it came as expected.. I love it
Love the details very nice piece but it doesn't match with my charm bracelet.
Works as advertised
The design and the concept is there. But what happen to my glasses? It wasn't balanced right!? Very Disappointed!
Very lightweight hat and it fits perfect! I was looking for something lightweight, quick drying, breathable and pack-able for my thru hike... this is it! I'm super pleased.
too small
The quality of the belt is very nice. I like that it stretches if I move a lot, great for working a job that involves a lot of moving around. I only had issues with finding the right size. The description says to order a size larger than your pants size, so I did. I have other newish belts that are the same number size as this one, but this belt fit very tight. I had to exchange it for a larger one.
Perfect for warmth
Great bag! A little smaller then I expect, but the love the quality of the material.
Item arrived fast and was of great quality my husband loves it, would definately recommend this product and seller to friends and love ones.
Very fast shipping
Such a great bag and a reasonable price.
It fits my 8plus, license, credit card and lip gloss (maybe some cash). It does not fit my car keys. unless the other items are taken out excluding the phone. Would love if the second pocket was just a tad larger. Great concept. Just minor tweaks. The material is soft and it is very light-weight. I purchased the cream one and returned it. I like this when I am running in a store and only need my essentials. Hate carrying a big ole bag everywhere. I can access my phone through the clear backing just enough to perform a few functions. Cute and different. A bit small.
Perfect fit, nice and soft
Just what I wanted. I like the colorand the large size. AND I love that it was arrived so quickly. The low price was a plus