Love these socks! They don't look like it in the image but they go up to just below the knee and offer amazing compression and never slip down
Wasn't expecting it be so nice
She loves them
The pockets are not at an angle so if you plan on keeping something, don't use the side pockets as everything falls out immediately! I would order a size smaller than you're used to as the XL I ordered is wearing me. Hope this helps. Overall quality and look is great! (Minus the misaligned pockets).
large af these mf makes me look like im wearing a dress
Fantastic price. Average run of the mill shirt.
Good deal
These are a great fit, and the lenses provide the perfect amount of clarity in sunlight. I've gotten so many compliments that I don't think I'll ever buy another pair of sunglasses. Just a warning, they're incredibly easy to smudge because they are glass lenses, so always carry the cloth that came in the case with you.
no problem
Good item, as expect and shown in the post
Great fit. Great material. Great quality.
I thought this was a pack of socks. Not one pair
Delivered quickly and work just as I expected them to. Very satisfied.
I recently had Gastric Bypass surgery and have lost almost 150 lbs. . I was buying cheaply made jeans for the Big & Tall while considered morbidly obese. To reward myself for losing most of my excess weight, I treated myself to a pair of these Levi's. I am ecstatic about how much better they are made than what I was forced to get used to. The Levi's were stronger, thicker, and much better fitting. I don't plan on buying any other brand from here on out. On the other brands, even the thread from the seams came out a little at a time. Far, far inferior to Levi's. No more Haband, or King-Size for me. I love Levi's!!
Fitment is good and length is perfect, also like the inside liner
A sticker got on one of the lenses and it left a permanent mark the shape of the sticker on the lens and now I can't use that lens. It was the yellow reflective lens which is the one I would use while riding my bike in the full sun. I still use the polarized lens which works well.
not much to say there t shirts. haha.
I love these socks. Perfect fit, tight knit. Heavy and well cushioned feet.
I will buy these again.
Fleece inside
Its not original and I am very unhappy about it.
The smallness
Cant beat it for 6 bucks .. I am 250 lbs all gut .. xxxl fit well
Just perfect for my niece and daughter on Christmas eve. Have not wore yet. But it is as expected.
So beautiful and danity. Love it.
Really good quality shades.
I needed some eyeglass holders. I am always losing them seems like. These seem to work well, very comfortable
Not goodère