They broke after i got them out of the box so i was out of glasses and threw them away
Arrived on time and fit as expected.
I bought these for my husband and really didn't know if he would wear them. He does and likes them as they look manly while keeping him from slipping in our pilates class. He also likes the zip bag they came in to carry them.
I love the purse, color, texture and size. If I had one critique it would be the opening. I wish it was a bigger opening.
Cut but 2 days later the strap ware the leather meats the purse broke. No the purse was not over loaded. So sowed it back together, broke the leather sowing needle. 3 days later the other side did the same thing. Got frustrated and threw it in the closet. So I gave it a 2 star because it's a cute color and style. To over it to return it.
Great shirts, fit nice and did not move throughout day.
A well made wallet with nice features. Nice thick solid leather.

Only Cons are the high price and the SMELL... an intense chemical smell that just wont seem to dissipate after weeks of use.
These shorts were exactly what we have come to expect from Champion. High quality fabric, perfect fit, nice colors, came in two days as promised. We couldn't be happier!
Nice durable wallet. Got it for my father for his birthday and he loved it!
Really like the pants fit great but hole in pocket...QC was not doing it s job
Most caps are too shallow, this one actually works for me. I wish the top front had a rounder profile rather than this ones squarish front. Good hat, quality materials.
These are TINY, if you are an athletic built person or even ever did a squat, your thighs and butt will be too big. Don't buy these... Seriously.
This necklace is so beautiful. I gave it as a gift and they loved it.
These are expensive but worth it! My husband does heavy construction and these work great for him!
This dress was too cute. Bought it for my 2 years old daughter & she really loves it.
Adorable for my granddaughter for Christmas
These are the exact same ones they sell at department stores for $40-$50. I found a store that had them and tried them on for fit then ordered them for half the price.
Very comfy and plush sleepy time pants that have a nice tone to them and just love to be cuddled in if you have a certain someone that you like getting close to make sure your wearing these and the night will go on just fine. Dont know what im talking about? just buy them whats the risk here? The value is there in my eyes and seems to be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Cody Mitchell
Bought in May and just went to use it today...but could not. The belt is too wide to fit through the buckle. After several attempts I just gave up and threw out.
I saw this hat and read the reviews and it's still hard to tell from a picture what a hat will look like or even if I would like it when I saw it. LOL When I first got it out of the box my first thought was "CRAP" it looked ridiculous. BUT!!! after I took it out put it on and molded it the way I wanted it.... it was a keeper. I go out and shoot photography and I need something to keep the sun out of my eyes and the rain off my bald head. This hat fit's nice and it looks like i've had it for year, so I don't think you would go wrong if you wanted a nice old looking style hat.
Works great hold all the cards we need and has been able to hold cash very easy to use
I gifted this to my daughters aunt. It came with a few options for displaying the product in the box, which I thought was cute. The price is fair, and I would buy it again
Heart where ashes go is extremely small, but they managed to get it in there. I'm over all pleased with it.
Utterly beautiful she is going to love it.
Amazing and beautiful
Really cute little bag -- and it is little. That's not the issue though. Seriously,what acid bath did they soak this leather in and for how long? It stinks. It smells really chemical-ee (if that is a word) and really bad. Really. Bad. Hopefully it will just take some time to air out and the smell will go away. Either that or it will kill me first. If you're odor sensitive, beware. If you'll do anything for fashion, this is your bag.