very beautiful ring well worth the money . Recomded to anybody .
Dressy but casual. Not overly stretchy at all which is a downer. This is a heavyweight short. I think they could stand to be one inch longer but overall a good short.

Update: the length has really grown on me. Fresh and tailored looking. Been getting a lot of compliments when I wear them and Im back for more colors.
Great size, great color, very classic
The second day of wearing them the stitching between the middle and ring finger came undone so I have one glove that I can wear and one I cant
Good glasses, my 2nd pair.
My daughter loves Peppa Pig. These are just so cute!
These are nice little pockets to put soap in.
I primarily use it for driving and it is great.
Loved them!
A must for mowing
Nice, comfortable shorts - good in hot weather.
Liked the wallet but the slots are a little tight if you want to put 2 credit cards in one slot I'm hoping it loosens up with use,but otherwise it's a wallet nice leather and the ID slot is nice I would recommend it if you're looking for a slim wallet
Cheaply made. But you got what you paid for with this one. Cute saying tho.
Beautiful earrings! Sparkle! Perfect size for 1 year old. but the screws don't stay on. Lost one of the earrings many times , the same one kept coming off. Finally came off and now lost for good. Disappointed
awesome. the visuals just pop with clarity and detail.
Great products
Extremely comfortable, nice fit great color.....I have number of these shirts
love them.
Me encantaron llegaron perfectos, originales
Very comfortable to use and I love the way you can use it in different ways! I highly recommend it. Fabric is super soft too
I bought this purse style a couple of months ago in there'd color, and I love it. Wanted to get another one, so ordered this medium brown purse. It's very good quality, exactly what I expected.
Good quality, love it
Love the design(s), fits most of my pants. Just make sure the width is enough to fit. Also includes adjustment instructions if the belt is too long.
I mainly bought these for driving and for a vacation at Hatteras Island, NC. After having them for almost a month these sun glasses have been more than satisfactory for me. They're especially great for driving. I was a little hesitant on the light weight frames and lenses though. It literally felt as if the lenses would pop out of the frame if you give them a good drop. I'm 6'1 and these glasses have fallen off the top of my head numerous times (especially during vacation: a lot of drunk days / nights) and they're still perfectly in tact. I wear these glasses all the time for driving, going to the beach, hiking, walking my dog, etc.
Nice comfortable socks. Exactly like they always are, good product
So cute. Granddaughter loves it!
I didn't expect a $20.00 hat. It is what it is and if you're looking for a cheap hat to hand out or give away then this is the hat. I personally bought a more expensive one for myself and the quality shows.
I am still mad that I didn't think of this! I love this product. It works, it's convenient and the magnets are very powerful. They will not fall off even if you're running aroundépaules-court-soirée-Bleu