good product for price
Good CP
This is a really nice wallet. The red is brilliant and leather smell is awesome. The zipper is smooth. The inside is roomy. I bought it for my daughter in law for Christmas. I can't wait till she uses it. I am going to buy a couple more in different colors as gifts for others.
Just like pictured. Came with a case, cloth, and box.
Fits real good and is very well built and is of good quality. Whoever buys at this price will be happy.
Daughter loved them! Shes about to be five, and they fit comfortably.
I love the cross over style
Safer to carry
It was a little smaller than it looked online but I can make it work. Very soft & love the color
I need this color blue purse for Church
Husband loves these I purchased these for a Christmas gift !
My husband had an old pair that he loved especially bc it had wide frames! He was surprised and so so happy to receive these. Of course the large wide frames and lenses are excellent and what he wanted! It definitely does what its supposed to do!
They are light weight but not so light you forget your wearing them.
I am stating in my title that these shirt stays are for metrosexuals for the following reasons:
- Metrosexuals do care about their appearance.
- Metrosexuals will go the extra mile to get the best appearance.
If like me you care about your appearance but it stops where your comfort starts to get impacted, you can stay away from these shirt stays.
I got them because I do no like my shirts to get out and give me the look of a muffin cake. I have to say that they work well at avoiding that.
Are they comfortable? No they are not. Are they fully invisible? No they are not.
This is why I cannot give them more than 3 stars.
Yes I bought them, I used them once and then I left them unused since.
loved the bag, good quality for the price, loved everything about it
My husband loves them. They are his preferred socks.
I think it is just "okay". Expected it to be a lot bigger however. Probably priced a bit high in my opinion. But hey for a black purse I guess you cannot expect too much
Crappy stitching. Wheres the Quality Control/Inspection?
Nice hat
Nice fit for a large head!!
I didn't drive a nice car with leather seats when I was younger. Now I do, and these Levis bleed blue on the leather. And my skin. For many months. I think that is a problem. When I was young, Levis did not bleed so much.

Also, what's up with the belt loop shortage? How much more would it cost to have a couple extra loops in the rear? 15 cents? These 505s slide down my butt in between the belt loops.

I'm not buying any more 505s for these two reasons.
Bought as a Christmas present. Came with the pin not installed that holds the band to the watch on one side. Poor quality control is my guess. After I installed a new pit it worked perfectly for my son, until he lost it on vacation.
Great value & my daughter loves them!
I use this for when we go on vacation. It's very convenient and comfortable to carry!
Beautiful blue, just like the picture. Rich looking and soft.
Looks very expensive and they arrived beautifully package.
My rag bag is stuffed full of cheap Wally World socks with holes in the heels. I wear slip-ons a lot so there's a certain amount of slipping and sliding going on in my shoes to wear holes in the socks. These socks are very cushy & comfortable and have been holding up very well. They're a great buy too. Going to order some dark ones now. I'm a customer for life.
Durable with good fit. Ordering for second time. Great price! Good for size 13 shoe (US)
As described and good quality.
I wore them. They were a little small. There was nothing wrong with them but nothing to recommend them.
Only kind of work shirt Ill buy now.
seem to fit as advertised, fairly comfortable so far. time will tell but they seem like a good deal
Wallet seems well built. It is very attractive. Would recommend. Price was right too.èces-Basiques-Débardeur-Racerback-Manches