Very pleased it is beautiful
Liked it
excellent socks good price but surprised to find two socks come with holes
I love This bag great quality ! I'm ordering a second one in a different color...
These are the most comfortable pajama pants Ive ever had. I could live in these!
Soft and stretchy. Breathable yet keeps the perfect temperature. I highly recommend these!
I didn't like the color or feel of it. I returned it.
What I love about this wallet: Overall it is big enough that it will not bend most things you put in the back of it. What I don't love about this wallet: You can pretty much only put one card in each of the pockets which get used up quickly if you have gift cards, insurance cards, warehouse membership cards, etc. And my least favorite was that the pocket intended for your driver's license will not hold a NC license. I used another pocket, but it is impossible to remove the license from the pocket I ended up having to use.
Very nice. When they say X-Large they mean super large. Would hold two pair of regular sunglasses.
Good product. I am fully satisfied with them.
Perfect for my 13 year old son when he has to dress up for sporting events.
I really like the bracelet.
Would give 5 stars but I didn't receive it the first time I purchased. The product itself is awesome. Great value for everything it comes with and color variations.
They dont slide down at all!
Cute, but some are weird.
Don't get this as a gift. I got these for my daughter. When she opened the box, it was a mess. I was embarrassed. Every set was in its own bag. I guess that helps in sorting them, but it looked like a mess.
nice fabric
Shirts are awesome, feel much cooler and thinner but just as sturdy as their other options. Maybe a little pricey but are truly fantastic.
I am surprised at how quickly the body side of the suspenders has gotten all knobbly. The clips are gonna hurt you if you are not careful when your arms pass by them. Also if you have nice upholstery on your care seat or furniture the clips can scratch them up pretty easily.
they do not fit a large foot man.. to tight..
14mm are pretty small, but they are a perfect size for every day. It took about 5 min to get them both on and secured, but I haven't taken them off in about a month. I've been swimming and in the sun. They are still just as bright. They are also so light I don't even feel them on. It's a endless hoop so they never snag.
They are comfortable but run a little warm and the stitching could be better on the toes.
Great tee-shirt I washes them right out of the box and they hardly shrank..... I wear them everyday
Nice, especially for the price.
Well made the extra pockets are great when you take someones business card or just to put smaller amounts of money for quick access the larger pocket held 400 in 20s well and did not bulk Up much or stretch it out of place.
I like the triggerman in general. Light weight, simple, fits my face well. What I didn't like is how the advertised item picture differs from the description. I really wanted the sapphire lense with the translucent bottom (the one on the pic), but what I got was the ruby lenses with polished black frame (on the description). Hope the seller or amazon can correct those, not really sure whose scope that is.
Color and size was on point. Good for nights out you just need ID and lipsgloss and thin wallet.
Enough space for all my things.
My husband has been a fisherman for many years, & I just found out about these shirts recently. He now has three!!! They are perfect for the person who does not like to reapply sunscreen while busy fishing. Even on the hottest days this long sleeve shirt was comfortable. Dries quickly & the fish stains come out without a problem!!!
No complaints
This is a unique item and is well received by those who have received it as a gift.
It's a great glases it fits very nice I love ité-Inoxydable-Pendentif-Correspondant