I really liked the ratchet feature of this belt , gives you a more precise fit than ordinary belts .
Wonderful jeans
I like it , its convenient and nice looking too !
Ive been give to so many of my friends and people I know ~
Shirts change shape and shrunk after a few washer and dryer cycles. However, pricing was fair for product
Love these. Even with my big head these fit great and are light weight. Bought another pair I like them so much. Cant beat the price to quality ratio!
My 3 year old daughter really likes this Minnie Mouse boutique watch especially the light up . Only thing is when( I'm) putting on her coat or taking her coat off the watch depending on what wrist it's on gets in the way of that because of the bulky face the watch has but it's really not that big of an ordeal .
holy cow these are waaaaay too long
Good for the price. I wear it to weed eat but just to have something on my head. Mine personally didn't wick sweat.
Makes everything easier & makes your formal or semi-formal appearance look 100% better....
Nice comfy socks
These socks are of better quality than I expected and I now wear these daily.
These will be my sunglasses for a long time. Great buy.
The first set i ordered broke as I screwed the back off. Second went on perfectly. I love them but after reading all the reviews of parents saying the earrings fell off I am worried. The first ones I ordered broke right at the Mickey head where the earring stick attaches.... I will update if these fall off or not.
The shirt was a little too large. Fits big.
Works great
Well ......i thought i was ordering 4 bandanas..but in fact just 1 came.? Under the description it says "4".
So im returning this and ordering something a lil diffrent.
This does seem like good quality. But i wanted skull bandanas not a saftey one.
It's a great product if you're looking for something inexpensive to keep the water out. The fabric isn't very breathable or high quality.
Super easy to pair with attire. Received many compliments. Packaging was great.
Great deal! Great price!
I LOVE THIS BELT! I am a woman and am always self conscious about which hole my belt is in. I know it's dumb but whatever. This belt is very long and can be cut to shorten. I get compliments every time I wear it. I have the brown one. The instructions are confusing but once you get it you are set.
My hubby looked great in it for his Halloween costume!!
Those shades are awesome! Block out a lot!
Love love this. 3 separate pockets. My kind of purse. And it is beautiful
These socks feel a bit thinner side compared to similar styles.
Product is much larger than expected. I kept them but have never worn them. Waiting to gain about 20 pounds. Should fit then.
Comfy and effective
Love the feel of the fabric. Perfect size. Great colors to choose from.
Really thin socks.
At first I thought that the lenses were not polarized, but after checking through more carefully, found that 1 set of lenses is polarized while the rest are not.
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomnmq292 https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/Bling-Jewelry-Tungstène-multiples-facettes