Purchased for my daughter to use at middle school. It has enough room for every girls needs.
This wallet keeps all my cards in order, and they are easy to find and get out and back in. No tight slots, and having to stack stuff on top of each other. There is plenty of room for all those discount cards, club cards, and credit cards. Only drawback is no place to put change when you get coins, but other than that this is a great product.
As advertised & very comfortable!
Nicely shaped cap, easily adjustable that make for a perfect fit.
He loves it! Its the perfect jacket for that cooler fall weather, but definitely not thick enough for any frigid or really cold temperatures. Recommended!
They fit nice
Great fit and great quality
Will purchase agai
These are amazing! My husband gets headaches easily and all these new Headlights that are so bright at night were causing him problems. These glasses have fixed the problem. Now he can drive around at night and not feel like he is being blinded. Wonderful productwill probably buy another set for myself!
somewhat a bit longer
These shirts are great they fit big and are very comfortable thanks
you guys and gals can't go wrong with this glasses
I found the right color and size so I was pleased with them
Great for the price. Very nice material. Comfortable and roomy for my daily walk and exercise.
Great looking hat.
I buy a pair of these every month or so. I go through hats quick but they hold up well to the elements until they get dirty then its just easier to buy new ones rather than clean in my case
Great leather wallet. A little stiff, but I'm sure it will break in well. I use this in a fanny pack which fits well. The wallet has that large expandable pocket which stays flat when not used. The RFID blocking feature is good to have as that risk grows. I also have not yet chosen to use the zippered pocket, but expect that will also be handy. The size is perfect for holding currency flat rather than folded. A GOOD DEAL!
This product provided everything that I wanted in a wallet. The biggest issue that I was having with my old wallet was that it was chunky and the cards fell out often, since the leather was stretched after putting a too few many cards in. With this wallet you will never have your cards fall out, unlike with a normal wallet pouch, since the Secrid mechanism holds the cards in place. I have shaken the wallet and patted it hard to try to make them come out prematurely but they wouldn't, EVEN if I popped out the cards first. You don't even have to put a full 6 cards in. You could just put one card in if you wanted. The cards pop out spaced differently so they are easy to find and slide out. To get to the inner ones it is easiest to slide the ones in front down and then slide the one you want out. I found that if I put my work card in the back where it pops out the most that I don't even have to take it out to air scan into the door. Looks and feels amazing. The size is only slightly bigger than a credit card and at the height of a thumb nail (at leat mine).
Only downsides I see with this wallet are I'm not used to the cash holding mechanism and that grime might get into the mechansim. Otherwise just chillingly awesome.
good deal but, still needs to be steam formed (brim is flat)
I LOVE these real ray ban sunglasses! They are so comfortable and the new wayfarer fits my small-ish face. I never write reviews but had to on this purchase! So pleased!
Arrived on time, durable, great purchase
Cool and comfortable
I love this hat,so much that I bought 2 of them
reasonably prices; nice fabric
Carhartt Tee Shirts Fit well, don't stretch out at the neck and give us more wear time
If I didn't have to worry about the judging stares of my peers and the possibility of losing my job, I would never take this off.
Arrived on time in a plastic sleeve. Nice to have an additional gait belt for the car.
Classic jean! I hope they never stop making!
We gave this necklace to our daughter when she graduated from nursing school and she said, "I love it, love it, love it!"
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