Well made product.
Perfect wallet to carry all those store discount cards and credit cards. Has plenty of room for everything!
Quite a difference between different pairs of the same size jeans. One pair is larger in the waistline, while the second pair is larger in the hip/thigh. Material is different between the two pair also.
These were a great buy. I thought they looked like the wrong shape but after washing, and wearing, they seemed to go back to the shape that I am used to. Very comfortable.
Keeps the clip on lenses intact and unscathed.
A little more over priced than Walmart and target. Also not very soft and ripped easily.
nice mask
Great product! For a really reasonable price, you get hard and soft cases, a cleaning cloth, and a pair of sunglasses that feel pretty sturdy. I've bought 3 pairs from this brand over the years. They've been pretty scratch resistant as well. Can't go wrong!
The wife loves it. She's lost two cross's like this. So far she has hung on to this. Winner, Winner prime Rib Supper :)
Nice shirt especially considering the price
The item , arrived as pictured. I liked it. When I looked closely at the plastic, it appeared at if it has streaks. It looked like when you clean a mirror and it leaves streaks or it looks foggy ... just liked that. I tried to wipe it off but it it did not come off, it was the way the plastic was. it does not bother me...
Can't go wrong with hanes. Great dri shirt, lightweight enough for even hot days so sun doesn't bake the arms
Fine except that they are absurdly too small. My daughter is 2 years old and weighs 29 lbs, and the size 4s, which claim to fit 31-38 lbs, are so tight they leave red marks on her legs and sides. I hate to return them and have 14 pairs of perfectly serviceable underwear thrown away. What a waste.
as expected
The largest size fit my ring.
This was orange and the measurements were off, it's wider than what it states by over an inch. I returned it.
I received the product as ordered and it fits wonderfully so I could not be happier.
I really love the way this small business took the sunglass business to the next level. I loved all the goodies they inserted in the box. It fits right in and I feel the quality has no compromise. Worth more than the price I paid for. Definitely will try more types from this seller.
It came in a nice box with a blank mini card & envelope combo too! The bracelet is great quality too!
Comfy and protects my ears.
ok, so its my first time even buying like shoulder bag or anything. but its cool, I feel bougie. This bag is da bomb no doubt.
This is a gift that my granddaughter - I love it and she is gonna LOVE IT !
Perfect comfort and quality.
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomg5ivlo https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/CHLOLY-Main-Cuir-Frenchy-Italie