Ive only been using this bag since yesterday, but I am in love! Its simple and cute and has a ton of storage space! I will update if anything changes.
Perfect fit. Lightweight and comfortable.
Was great for a few days. The second hand must be slightly bent do it catches on the hour hand and sticks causing it to lose time.
Love the color
Awesome product. Very comfortable and breathable
My daughter loves socks
Love these. After many months they are still holding up. My 6 year old gets compliments all the time which she just loves!
I couldn't be more glad with the purchase. Fast shipping; got my first ever pair of Wayfarers a day before schedule. However, I will say that the size can vary a lot between people. I've always bought slightly bigger sunglasses before, so thats what I did with these and got the 55mm. They looked great but were a little loose fitting (I have a fairly broad face). They would shift around when I looked down and I was worried they would get looser as I wore them more often. I got the 52mm, though just a little smaller they look great nevertheless and fit perfectly.
I bought this bag last fall and I guess for what I paid for it 3 months of use isn't THAT bad before it fell apart. The handle has started to peel on the sides, and every day more of the rubber (?) peels further and more strings come unstrung. its a good size and still looks decent. It is starting to show wear and tear in other areas as well. I found not having pockets in it and only the little coin bag annoying as well as bottom insert. It won't stay put to save your life. I even tried to glue it. So if your lo0oking for a cheap bag that you will eventually have to replace -- you're going to love it!
The fabric is comfortable and the size fits true, not tight or too loose. This size worked good for my 10yr girl, who's a little on the small side. Only complaint is they are really short. Like can't tuck in short. And a size up would have them too loose, as they are fairly loose already.
Cute clothes
As advertised
I purchased two packages of these men's underwear (5-in each package). Of the total of 10-underwear, the fly was sewed closed on two (2). I tried to free up the sewed fly; however, the seam was sewed over in such a way the fly just fell open and frayed....I had to throw-out both pair (20% of my total purchase). I gave the purchase one star only because I'm happy with the balance of my purchase; however, I'm still out two pair.
Good quality and fits my husband's size 13 feet. He likes the shorter length as it comes below his thick calves and won't leave a mark. Wish they wouldn't shrink and get tighter, but that's what cotton does.
Perfect fit - thank you.
I give these earrings 5 stars because they are light in weight, bright in color, the size is perfect because they show but are not annoying, and like some of the other reviews said, they come with lots of rubber and metal stud ends so you have your choice.
good item
Me gusto el color y es piel genuina
For us big guys, this is a great fit and a very high quality tee. An excellent value, too.
Great smaller purse.
My son loves them
I have gotten tons of compliments on this. great quality for the price!!
Love this bag!!! Its fairly large but its perfect for me.
So cute!! Can take my loved one every where I go!!
These earrings would be cute except the way they are packed bends and ruins them. And I was NOT aware they are non refundable.
I know I was being cheap buying these, I just wanted shirts to hang out around the house or play in the yard with my son but these are SEE THROUGH!!!! Seriously has to be a joke. You can see all my tattoos through them so well you could read every word. You could see my belly button. Might as well not even wear a shirt at all. And they arent even soft :/
Love this wallet
This belt is a bit wider & thicker than my other belts I've gotten in the past but these OVEYNERSIN men's belts seem to be much sturdier than my previous ones & they have a comfortable fit. I like them a lot & whenever I need another belt I hope to get one of these again.
These socks are as described and totally met my expectations. They arrived on time, they are as described on the web page, and are great socks for me.
Nice shirt for price. Good in water or out. Just ordered another one
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