size up...very small and short
Looks and works well.
Minor comment - band could be made of better material. Looks and feels a bit cheap
Bought them for work and they're great. They're comfortable and are a perfect fit.
Fits great!
I bought 10 pairs of socks for my boyfriend for Christmas 2017. It is April 2018 and he has already thrown most of them away due to one or two wears, then a hole would appear in the toe or heel....the quality could be way better. I will not be buying this brand again.
Bought it for yard project and hat provided great sun protection. Hat is made with quality products and cleans easily. Would recommend this product
First off, th as other reviewers have mentioned, the fact that Levi's made being changes to the cut and materials of these pants but kept the same model number is annoying.

I don't have years of use with the old style, and in fact greatly prefer the new style. However, ordering online, sometimes I get sent old stock, so I can see how people are upset.

That said, I'm 6'1", 260lbs, with "no way he skips leg day" big viking calves. The new style 569 are the only loose jeans that fit comfortably and look nice. These are not "skinny jeans". Yes, they ride lower on the hip, but that just means if you pull them up to your waist and wear a belt everyday anyway, the seat and everything else is at the right location. Yes the material is thinner and stretchier, but that makes it more comfortable, not less.

The old style jeans have several inches more material at the waist and crotch. If you want them to sit in a comfortable position, you have to pull the whole thing up over your gut, then let the tops roll down and flare out. Which looks rediculous, and because of the stiff thick material, feels awful.

The old style makes me look like I'm trying to recapture the baggy jeans of my youth, or cover my gut, which makes me look even older and fatter than I am.

If you liked the old style and it worked well for your body type, sorry Levi's left you hanging. Keeping the same model number is a pretty frustrating move too. But the new style isn't bad, just different.

And they're not cheap skinny jeans. Nothing I can get over my calves qualifies as skinny.
Fits great
Just got this a couple days ago and have not had a chance to try it out, but, I like how well made these are, the polar fleece makes them more comfortable to wear than others I have tried, and you can pull the top back and use it as a neck warmer too.
Took a work trip south 1100 miles to Charleston SC. Ended up in a severe thunderstorm for 10 hours riding in the soaking rain. After the first hour of use, I felt water leaking in the seat of the pants and got completely drenched. It was a cold soaking wet ride for the rest of the trip that day...I wasn't a happy camper!
I thought they would be white but they are cream-coloured.
great running socks
Stylish, made quite well. Great for the price. Happy with purchase.
I would recommend these, good quality for its price
Seperated the chains because they are not dainty and together they overwhelmed my decolletage. One need only a small pliers and a lobster clasp from a craft store to make this costume necklace set look much better.
Great Product. Fast Delivery.
I wear a size 11 shoe and these fit as expected. On my feet all day and these are supportive and comfortable. I hope they hold up as well as advertised.
Nice Product ever
These tunics fit great and look cute with leggings or worn alone.
Great Glasses, stay away from the glass lenses though- had two set that the right sense cracked before I ever wore them. Manufacture repaired each time with no hassles!
Good quality and perfect for my son and his job. Nice assortment
Good swimming trunks. Large is definitely large! If your in between a medium and large get the medium.
Good quality
excellent product and service, thanks.
This is a great everyday bag! Attractive, durable, easy to spot clean and holds a ton! You won't be disappointed!
This silver chain is a great value for the cost. It came packaged very nicely in a velvet lined box so it would not tangle or kink in transit. The clasp is of good quality with a secure ring that is soldered to the chain so no chance of it opening up and coming loose. Excellent buy!
Fit well, wore for a "dress in white party" and they were perfect. Nice and white and very comfortable.
I've NEVER owned boxer briefs that lost their shape after a month! Well these are them.Their cotton is cheap and scratchy to boot. A waistband? How about putting more elastic,or is this a cost cutting effort too. Unreal!
It was a little big and my nephew has a big head but we made it work
Beautiful I loved!!!échiré-homme