Great belt works as advertised
Great product for a great price.
Simply excellent. Worth every penny. Super strong support!
Great sunglasses, it's built sturdy, does not feel cheap. Most importantly, it's light weight, so wearing this for a long 8 hour drive isn't uncomfortable. And the nose piece is easy to adjust, allowing for comfortable support; this is extremely important for me since my nose is kind of flat. Best sunglasses for I ever bought, l will get definitely get another pair as backup.
Perfect fit
I love it an enjoy it a lot beautiful color
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Good quality
beautiful leather. lots of space. not too heavy for a leather bag. lining is not a soft fabric, but is not a deal breaker.
arrived the day i ordered it!
Great sunglasses for the money that I paid I was expecting some junky glasses. After receiving them I realized these will now be my 1 and only pair truly the best I could have gotten.
Great product with good quality considering the price. Came in nice packaging but wish it had a darker tint on the lenses.
my grandson loves this and it is water proof to boot. the price you can't beat and the band is excellent quality for the price
However, I was hoping that the sock was a thicker material. It's a little too thin for my taste.
Lots of compliments on this bag. Looks expensive. Very sturdy. I bought two colors. After reading this I think I need others!
Exactly what I needed
I've been using this bag everywhere I go for a couple of weeks and so far, nothing has come apart or ripped off from just average use. Granted, I'm a bit gentler than most with this bag after reading reviews since I can tell that the inside lining is not very durable or strong. It feels plastic-y mixed with cardboardlike the material on a cheap drawstring bag. I do, however, love the pockets and the front pocket is perfect for phones, chapsticks, or anything small and light. It fits a mechanical pencil very snuggly, though, I'd be wary of scratching the inside pockets with them. The outside of the bag is actually very durable, more durable than expected and can handle light rain as long as you wipe it off when you get a chance. The zippers are cute and shiny, a little thinner than I would have liked and seemed like they can pop right off if you pulled too hard. There's not much holding the actual zipper handle to the zipper other than a loosely bent ring, so I use it gently. The straps are actually very roomy and allow for a lot of height if you have a long back. I'm only using probably 1/3 of the full length of the straps and I stand at 5'4".

My only real issue with this bag is the fact that when it delivered, it was a bit bent in itself and caused a large crease that runs along the bottom back of the bag (see pictures). It never went away but has lessened with gradual use and lots of me fluffing up the bag whenever I use it. I'm a bit saddened by the permanent crease that the plastic bag caused but at least the crease isn't noticeable since it sits right where it would be covered up by my back. I will say that this bag fits quite a lot of things, but I can't say much for the weight limit since it doesn't seem durable enough to hold it at max capacity all the time. I typically only have necessities (phone, wallet, keys, inhaler, chapstick) so mine is always very light. So far, it works great for me since I don't really carry too much with me at a time, but I would advise people who want to carry a lot in a small bag to look elsewhere since this one does not seem durable enough to handle 5+ lbs of stuff for long periods of time.
To dark. Case zipper defective.
Good value for the price paid.
I keep being impressed with this company. Would buy again and fit as expected. Thanks for keeping it real Gildan!
Good quality
fits, looks and feels good.
Love these!!!!
This does really help to exfoliate all your dead skin. It also encourages me to use all my soaps that are sitting in my bathroom closet. Stick in a bar is soap and lather away!
Buy them if you want to show off your genitals.
The wallet is nice and slim and fits perfectly in my smaller purses. The crimson color makes it easy to find it in my bigger purses.
Excellent sun protection, great looking and the folding mechanism is very effective.
I love these sunglasses. They are well made and don't catch my hair. Very happy.
These drawers are really great! Sturdy product with an affordable price. I believe they are better than my Fruit of the Looms and Hanes boxers that Ive worn all my life! Give this brand a try and see for yourself.
My husband buys the same kind of socks for the past 11 years. He loves his Hanes Socks. I bought him a pack of a different brand and he refused to wear them. He made me order him his Hanes again. They last quite a while even in his work boots. Great quality for an even better price.