This is a very nice bag. It was a little smaller than I expected, but that is not a bad thing, because I was looking for something lightweight. My billfold fits in it, but I think I will order a smaller one to give me more room. I really like the black pattern color. I may order another in the Spring, but perhaps a lighter color and the next size larger. So far I am satisfied with this purchase.
It's not wise enough and getting stuck all the time. If you know what I mean.
Very spacious and lightweight, but the strap ruined two of my shirts by rubbing them to the point where the fabric pilled and one of them actually tore and had to throw it away.
Although I haven't put under stress it fits very well and is comfortable to wear I own 4 of them in different colors
For the money spent on this ,so called MENS ,ADULT COWBOY HAT,It fits some what tight,i,probably have to wear it for a few days to get used to it ,but it most definitely does not even come close to my ,"OUT BACK BOOT LEGGER HAT",which is a dam site more comfortable to wear,but this is a new hat ,so if the worst thing would happen to it at least im, not out a ,great amount of money,i,cant say much about the crown height they make it look like in the picture like it is pretty tall,on the crown,.for a good fit,.other than that ,im happy with it ,I,mainly wanted it for just a ,average kick around ,,hat ,that way I wont ,get my ,BOOTLEGGER,HAT MESSED UP ,OR ,ETC,.BY THE WAY IF ANY ONE HAS ONE OF THESE HATS,CAN IT BE WATER PROOFED,AND WITH WHAT KIND ,OF WATER PROOFING,THANKS ,.
It's the perfect size! I like that the strap is adjustable & the quality of the bag itself is great!
These are great for the money. I wish more people would buy them. It is getting almost impossible to find cotton socks anymore and I won't wear any polyester/synthetic socks. Gross!
Looks cool great hat
Good Quality.
It is just socks to cove my feet
I have been searching for the perfect Evil Eye earring for about 5 years. I am glad I came across these. They are so beautiful. I have worn them only a handful of times, but I have recevied multiple compliments on them already. Great quality and beautifully made.
Very nicely packaged in a cute carrying case. Each one individually wrapped with backs in each pack. Nice quality and they even include an extra pack of earring backs. I think the green tassels with the large stone are my favorite.
I only look good when wearing "Round' glasses; however I've found most of the rounded glasses lens' are too big for my taste. After looking at countless styles and manufacturers I came across this pair "Joplin-Round" and they are even Polarized..

Just remember these are not big buck sunglasses.. They are a nice pair for a great price..

For how cheap it is, totally worth it!
The two window feature is handy - plus the bi-fold design fits flatter in my jeans than my other tri-fold wallet.
I love these hats
well made
Fits like a glove
I love this backpack. I use it daily and haven't had any problems with the zippers or craftsmanship. It looks expensive too!
Girlfriend loved this. Good quality, good price.
Exactly what I expected at a good price. I had did some on-line research before purchasing and these were the best price for this exact package of Hanes briefs. After washing them they still fit perfectly. They're very comfortable as expected. And, as usual with Amazon, they were shipped out and arrived very quickly. After making sure they kept their size after washing, I went ahead and bought a second package.
This bag is the perfect size to slip into my carry-on bag so that I only have one item to keep track of on long flights. Also has a good assortment of zip-up pockets to carry cell phone, passport and glasses without losing anything!
These socks feel like someone is massaging my feet. Love them. Will buy more.
Great shorts!
my head
I looked for really thin socks because I don't like when my feet sweating. And finally I got it. The socks are thin and feel nice on feet. Any smell after a day of wearing. They passed laundry several times and they are almost the same as new (I don't use a dryer). Will buy it again.
As far as I can see, these are 501 jeans. They shrunk to the size I like to wear and I love the price. Here at the outlet mall they are about $28.00 more. Yes they are made in Mexico (since some have mentioned that), but I don't care. Again for me they feel and fit just like all the other Levis 501 I worn. I wear a 2731, so I purchased a 2834. I hope this helps