Very soft
I love it.
Fits great and good quality.
When I took it out of the package, I thought this is too small. I am used to carrying a huge purse. But I took all my contents out of my old bag and put it in this and everything fit with room and pockets left over. I absolutely love this bag so far. It looks like it is made very good. Believe me, I load a bag down and so far so good. It is holding up well. I'm very please with it. I hated having to give up my old bag. I had it a long time and loved it. I think I might actually like this one better. We'll see.
Fits perfectly
Its a really cute bag with a nice design and adjustable straps. But the downside was the bow popped off really easily in the front and after it came off, it would not stay on the bag anymore. So I just use the bag without the bow! Other than that, the quality isnt bad and it is roomy in the inside. The bags zippers are easy to open and close too. The small purse has a big enough space for an iPhone XR, which is what I have, but you cant hold a lot of items unless they are small. Other than those two things, I really like this bag and I dont regret buying it.
you get what you pay for. the posts are thin and bend easily.
I'm using this as a makeshift diaper bag/purse as I have a one year old and I wish it was a little bit bigger without the padding inside so there would be more room, but I do love it and I get that's not it's purpose. I can fit my stuff inside along with a couple of diapers and wipes with snacks. The outside pocket is pretty useless because it takes too much time to open but the buttons make it look nice. I am 5'6'' and the length is just right. I like that it goes over my shoulder because I have it packed full so it's heavy.
Not what i was expecting
This has become my travel wallet. It feels as safe as a money belt and much more convenient.. It carries just enough and it can ride in my front pants pocket like a money clip. And it's holding up nicely.
All right, so I had this for about a month. I have no issue as it is a great product for the price. The obvious: If you buy something under 20$ it will be kind of not the best quality in some place of the product. In this case, the inside is sown poorly however, it is not that bad. Everything else is great and I would suggest for those people who do buy this who are clumsy with straps. Buy a gold metal chain and ditch the strap this comes with. The strap it comes with is decent but it will probably break easily.
I just wish that I had known beforehand that instructions specified not to use fabric softener on this and THREE other items of underwear that I recently purchased.
This the second ratchet style belt I've purchased. Great quality, buckle seems like it will last for a while, we'll see about the belt portion. Easy to adjust, easy to use. Buckle is a bit heavier/bulkier than other types of belts. Great thing is you can easily switch the belt portion to use with the same buckle.
It is really premium , i like to buy it again , very well packing
very good
Personal use. The quality is really thin and flimsy.
Affordable and flexible for those of us with growing bellies!
great value but I should have purchased the next size larger. They tend to run a little small.
This bracelet is adorable. It would make a great gift for any occasion. It looks very expensive and seems to be well made. Packaging it's very nice as well. I would definitely recommend this bracelets to anyone.

The chains are very sturdy and glide easily through the ball that holds themn place. I have not experienced the bracelet chains loosening once I tightened it.

It comes in a sturdy white hinged box with a blue satin material inside. This box is protected by sliding it into another white box.

It's not something I would wear everyday because of the way the chains hang down. It is definitely something to be worn when going out. It's very classy. As I said above, I would highly recommend this bracelet to anyone and as a gift for any occasion.
Bought this as a gift for my sister she loved it soo much. It ended up popping one week later though. Was going to reorder but not sure about the longevity. It is really beautiful and looks like a pandora bracelet
Loved it thick and warm
Wonderful fit vs size expectations.
Delivered fast on time. Wish I couldve picked my colors or had other choices of mixed colors
Best socks ever!
The light weight material and coverage
Men's feel and fit
my handbag had a broken zipper when i got it inot like it at all you couldnt find anything in it it was a mess i have bought several hand bags from you and really like i think i gave$40.00 for it thank you