Wild looking purse! I get lots of compliments on this
Piece of crap!!!! First day, I tried them on my Costa Prowler. The rubber broke! Piece of junk! Don't make the same mistake I did. They should give these out for free. Not worth paying for.
Baller Status! Great shades for the price, true head turner.
Love it. Fits perfect. Ready for the opposition!
I haven't been able to wear them yet, other than trying them on for fit, but they look and feel like they will last me for a while. That is unless I lose or gain weight, which is why I bought these. I'm a 36" waist and 32" inseam and these come down just at the top of my knee cap. Just like the in the items picture...
Helps me keep my hair out of my face, while being very comfortable
Basic boxer breifs. Decent price. Better than Target or similar store.
These glasses protect my eyes and make everything look so crisp!!
These are the real deal. The lenses are too small for my giant face, but the hinges do swing out enough to fit on my big head. They are lighter than most sunglasses, but are truly polarized. I conducted the turn test against another pair of polarized sunglasses and they turned dark as expected at a 90 degrees turn.

I have purchased two pairs so far, a black from MODA Eyewear which came with a carrying pouch and is well built.
The blue from XtremeUV cost more, did not come with a pouch, and broke after a week of use with a 9 year old.
The description says "cord". They are not cord. They are leather. The description does NOT say leather.
I don't want leather - I want cord.
Waited 2 weeks to get them, and they are not what I ordered.
Glasses are great quality and look even better in person. I get compliments on the wood frames everytimeI wear them MN
Did not fit the sane as other Hanes hoodies I have purchased in the past. Probably 1/2 size smaller or more. The neck is especially tight, making it uncomfortable. I will take a razor knife to it before I wear it again.
Clips are solid. Not one size fits all, I'm a thin 6'2 and they barely fit my height. Seemed like they stretched slightly after a couple of days, now I do have some adjustment room in length.

They keep my pants up!
These work well as running shorts. Very light.
These are wonderful bags. Well made, well organized, attractive, and light weight. This is my third Baggallininot because the others have worn out. They havent! Its because its affordable and great to have different colors or designs.
Useful for concerts and games.
The hoodie was big enough but extremely short. I tried it on and it did even cover my belt. I ended up giving it to my wife and it was short on her too.
This garment is super large and super heavy duty. It is not a shirt one would typically wear casually. If your're a construction worker or remodeling homes for a living, this rugged shirt would be well suited for you. They are full cut and extremely durable.
great product
This bag is beautiful! I ordered the large one as I use it when traveling for work and needed a little more space from the regular size bags. Its perfect for my tablet and I roll up a cardigan and stuff it in there too. There isnt one day that hasnt gone by when I dont receive a compliment on it. One minor wish...I wish the handles were a little bit longer to fit over my shoulder. The long strap is too long and the shorter straps are an inch too short especially when stuffed to the brim, but such a beautiful bag that its super minor.
I love that the wallet can contain all my personal requirements (credit cards. checking account and currency). Above all it can fit my bag.
I purchased this 4 pk leggings for my 3-year-old. My daughter is pretty tall for a 3-year-old, so I purchased a size 4T. The length of the leggings is perfect. The shirts compliment the leggings well. She can mix and match between all 4 leggings and tops. I washed the leggings already and they kept their length. This is usually my issues with leggings that they shrink in length. These held up very well.
I like my Lacoste polo shirts, I love Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts (these are stronger and thicker, meaning they do look better). These compete with newer GAP's and to a certain extent with Lacost in quality. I would choose Amazon's any time!!! (except for Polo)
The style and function are fine, but the leather itself stinks so bad I haven't been able to use it. I've tried multiple remedies without success.
After two or three washes they have already started to bunch up at the the collar..... My Walmart ones last for 10 plus washes before they start to loose integrity on the collar
Great T shirts
This wallet is the perfect fit, well made and durable!!
Definitely want to size up.
Great fit and excellent quality at a very very good price
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomcghhvl https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/Doublure-Imperméable-Coupe-Vent-Extérieure-Survêtement