Love it! Durable feels like a good quality product and looks stylish
These were great glasses for a couple of months. I'm a Scuba instructor and these glasses are just not made for days of salt water and Florida boat conditions. The lens coating faded. Very disappointed.
Bought this for my niece and it was everything I wanted. Cute wallet and just the right compartments for a kid.
Great bag for great price. I was hesitant at the beginning but after reading reviews I decided to purchase it and no regrets. Looks as described and fast shipping. No smells as some of the reviews said and overall looks awesome.
I really was hankering for a decent pair of glasses without paying the big bucks. For $20, I would say that these definitely do the job, and then some. I am very pleased with how they fit and how they work at reducing glare and sunlight. One of the things that I really enjoy about these is that it doesn't really blacken out the sunlight, rather it just dims it enough not to be a nuisance. If you are looking for a good decent pair of polarized sunglasses for a fraction of the price, get these.
The purse is not RED! I love the purse and kept it but Im disappointed that its not the color I wanted.
Love these glasses. Light weight. I was amazed at how well I could see with them.
I use them to prevent swelling and leg fatigue. I shared my purchase with my sister and brother in law. They love them also.
Great hat fits good just what I was looking for on the golf course.
Buying another one
Nice! I bought this as a gift and thought they looked very nice in person.
I love these! Very vibrant colors as opposed to the non-polarized version.
The frame is not a flat black like others have pictured in reviews, it is painted poorly. Idk why mine are different. The hinges were painted over as well and it makes them very difficult to open and close. I also see a slight double vision that strains my eyes wearing these vs other cheap polarized sunglasses, but that may just be me.
excellent product
I love everything about it
I got these because I needed them quick and prime was my only option. But's it's absolutely insane how expensive these were. This box should be like $7 max
Great Price on a good name brand product. Order one size larger than you think you need unless you like you undergarments especially tight. Fast Shipping!
Muy bonita de muy buen tamao y muy ligera
I give 1 star for overall appearance. But once you put them on, the lens hurts your eyes so much that you cant even wear them
It is small and flexible! I got a skin tight safety wallet and it fits perfectly. I love it! Plus it saves a ton of space. Not sure if it stops people from getting my credit card information, since I have not had any incidents; yet!
Good fit!
Well made made the party a hit
I really love this belt! It's been really great for me I've had it for almost a month now and it's been great. Mind you I'm a bigger and thiccc guy so I was very scared of this thing just coming apart while I'm at work lol but so far it's been great! Love the fact that I can adjust it on the go wothout people even noticing. Unlike the traditional style of belts where people would know you are lol quality is great and it has a great feel to it. I haven't had any chipping issues like other have posted but I don't slam my pants to the ground either when using the restroom or anything like that. Which is why I think they've gotten the chipping. Overall great quality good build and hasn't broken lol
Love the fit, love the visual clarity. I've bought 2 pair now.
It fits fine but looks goofy when on because there is too much material so it doesn't fit rounded to the head.
They are thick, and fit good.
Glasses are great. The fold up case is not very sturdy. The hard side zip cases are better.
I really like this Basic Men's Slims Wallet. There are some pro's and cons though. If you're going out or going to work and just need your ID and credit card, this is perfect. Could hardly even notice it was in your pocket. It's a heck of a lot better than sitting on a bulky wallet. The down side is the little pocket for cash is not big enough. Could barely get 5 bills in there and has to be folded about 3 times to get it in the slot. That's the only down side is if you've got some cash on you. I recieved this product at a discount but would highly recommend getting it. Super convenient