Compact but not what I was looking for I have too many cards , I need more slots,,
Wallet does not close adequately when credit cards are inserted in holders.
Shipped on time, fit is great i will use them from now on for my purchases
Perfect fir for my small feet. comfortable, quality
I have sensitive skin. Nothing about being female but I am so that may be part of it. The nylon tag from hell is on the back scratching the neck. Snip, snip cut it off, along with some threads. Then I put it on, not pre-washed. The thread all around the neck is itching me. Like maybe in 20 washes I hope it won't any more. Now I am trying it inside out.

The fuzzy part is soft and cozy. I like the longer sleeves and bigger sleeves on men's size sweatshirts. I want cozy.

I do not like itch so only 3 starts. I'll update this with a higher rating if that stops after repeated washings.
Cool product
I like
I Got Complements for the Blue Belt which matched my outfit. Dress Clothes. The Sheen of the Blue matched.
I bought a set of four about a month ago and I still have 3 in the box! For me, this is amazing because I break reading glasses all the time. These cost far less and seem to be more durable than the readers I was buying before.
I bought this to wear as a fannypack and its my favorite. Love it.
great product......
After having these for a while, I liked them enough to buy another pack
These things are amazing!
Very good
Not an overly thick t-shirt but definitely not thing. Overall very happy with purchase for the price. Not extremely soft but they may become softer with multiple washings.
Nice belts
Love this belt so far. The ratchet concept seems well made. Easy to open with the press of a button. I willl continue to buy these ratchet style belts. Awesome!! Belt buckle in all black is gorgeous too.
I bought this tote thinking it would be sturdy. Huge disappointment!! Amazon should stop selling this bag because it's cheap and flimsy.
They are fine but I choose too large of a waist size based on actual measurements with a tape measure.
Great fit and great quality. Shipped as promised
Low profile
Micro adjustable
Never slips
Easy to adjust

Casual look
...I guess that's it!

I know others have said that their belts go well with "work casual", but I'm going to stick with a traditional leather belt. This looks like nylon webbing which enhances only an adventuring style, not a button-down and dress pants style. That said it is fantastic for what I need - and the functionality is so high I feel like saying screw-it and buying another in Brown and Black to wear to work also!

I disagree that the are hard to adjust tighter after they are on. Perhaps that is because I ordered a couple sizes up over my 34" waist.
Good Quality and Price!!
It looks great, just not sure how long it will last as it does feel cheaply made
Love that I got two!
They were broken when they arrived. I fixed them myself. Theyre ok now.
Came from China, took a long time, so I returned it and bought the same product directly from china for 1/5 the price.
Great quality. My boys and Husband loves the comfort they provide.
Look really nice, fit very well and had compliments first time I wore them, so, I'm Happy!!
I love that this is quality 18kt yellow gold. It is dainty, yet still noticeable, and won't overpower a nice charm. If you're shopping for a men's item, this is not it--too feminine. Find something in a larger MM width. I'm ordering another one in a size 24" just because I like it so much.