At 28 I thought I was doomed to spend the rest of my days with sweaty, wet, cold feet. It wasn't until these People Socks walked into my life that I learned, I too could have comfortable feet.

Cotton socks are garbage. They don't wick moisture, they wear out and they won't keep your feet at a reasonable temperature. Wool is the fabric of the gods. Now my feet don't sweat as much as when they do, they don't stay wet. I'm throwing out all my old socks and only buying these from now on.
Stylish, well-made, and plenty of room for lots of ID's, cards, and $$$$... Zippers keep everything intact :) I ordered one as birthday gift for my best friend and he loves the birthday gift wallet :)
Nice jeans
nice underwear
This hat looks good in the pic but when I got it, the crown sits straight up, way too high. Looks weird.
Have been wearing Levi's for 60 years, and these continue the grand tradition
Fits great and I enjoy the color the ring has, the box it came in could be better.
I use it as a nurse to wear under a CAPR. Comfortable and now I dont have to style my hair to go to work. Many compliments on it.
I mentioned that I purchased it on Amazon and at the time it was possible to buy in a flame pattern. My coworker said I should have bought that pattern to pay homage to Todd on the TV show Scrubs. I said I would have considered it but did not want to have to cut the arms off all my scrub tops.
Small in the ankle/lower leg section. So squeezes the leg and difficult to pull on. Note: I do not have large ankles or lower leg. The foot part of the sock is excellent.
Am buying more
Decent quality. Good elastic. Thick enough and durable. Not prone to holes.
very comfortable. No complaints
Gotta love the money clip!
Fit good! Very pleased!
Looks great, but a little less roomy than expected.
Like the watch and watch case! Very nice
Really nice quality! My husband loves this wallet. I'm going to buy more colors!
Very comfortable. Definitely recommend.
Trims to a perfect fit. Works well for concealed carry. It keeps the holster high and tight.
Great product
I wear this every day, and it holds up wonderfully! I'm never buying a "notch" belt again.
Great fit, comfortable. Keeps your feet dry and blister-free. Awesome value; comparable to socks selling for $10+ a pair at retail outlets.
I bought these socks wondering if they would fit and feel the same as the higher priced pair of Injinji socks. I wear a 10 1/2 extra wide in women's shoes and the large fits just fine. The socks feel like they are made of cotton. They stay on the heel and toes when walking, preventing the blisters between your toes. I have no complaints with this product. At the time of this review I have only worn them for a couple days.
This is a great big tote. Perfect for travel. The straps are Very comfortables to use. Perfect length. (Im 55)
Very well made, perfect stitching, zipper runs smoothly.
It is light weight and the fabric is soft. You can feel the high quality.
It has a lot of pockets inside. It can work well as a diaper bag too.
Great as a gift.
Overall this is a very very nice and beautiful tote, that you can use for many different uses.
Really great fitting sunglasses
Bought as a christmas gift for my girlfriend, she LOVED it.
Perfect fix
Great price!
Quality is not as good as advertising, and too small and too short. Not satisfied! So I returned.