Thin, but good
Do not buy this item. The hook on the strap literally broke after just 2 weeks. Now it is past return date.
Wanted these to fit a tall man like me. Didn't work out.
Holy smokes these are comfortable and breathable ! I recommend this brand. Good stuff. No baggy not nothing. Just right ! Glad I purchased this !
Loved the material and the size. Sturdy with comfortable shoulder strap.
These were a hit with my 3 year old granddaughter.
These are of good quality. Very soft. Dont seem to shrink too bad
Perfect - exactly what I am looking for. I like the mechanism created to pull out the cards. Really cool.
I bought these for my husband and he was not thrilled. The thick waste band was much tighter than other styles and the seam around the legswas constrictive with no stretch. The muscle in his thighs ended up burst the leg seams while he was working. I would recommend maybe a size larger than you typically wear!
Good jacket for the price.
I liked it
This product was always of good value and well made.
I'm on my second pair in less than a month, the elastic on the backside keeps fraying , second pair too.
Very poor quality sad to say another bad job from China, when will we learn.
I'll sadly be returning this pair too.
Love the purse , beautiful quality!! Just wish the strap was longer!
I needed a small gift for my brother in law and gave him these handkerchiefs. He liked them very much!
These are so cute and fit my two year old's attached lobes. She wears them everyday and never removes them.
Glasses are good for adding brightness and more vivid color but do not reduce the glare much from headlights of on coming autos.
Honestly I couldn't ask for much more out of my wallet. While you are sitting there with a fat uncondensed, inefficient wallet; people like me are swiping debit cards with maximum proficiency and the utmost confidence due to this Minimalist wallet. What's that you ask? how do I use cash? ohh I guess I never though..... BOOM I pull a $20 from behind the backside of the thick rubber band holding my cash in place just as confidently as it holds my debit, credit cards, and Drivers License. I'm fairly certain I got out of a speeding ticket solely based on how confidently and quickly I presented my ID out of this wallet. Buy it, or don't and waste the rest of your life wondering what your life could have been like. My biggest regret is keeping this wallet in my cart for a week before buying.
Awesome! I found that it holds 6 cards in the slot, 2 inthe outer pocket. Anything more is to much. Great quality, very happy!
Very nice. Love the soft just a little smaller than I expected though.
I got these to sleep in and bought them one size larger for comfort (I am a woman). I was pleasantly surprised that they are not too thin, which equates to not see through. They are very soft and wouldn't look bad with shorts or leggins. Great shirts, great quality, great price.
Muy buena calidad
I have several pairs of these in different colors

can get weird sizes on the internet, I'm a 36x34, which I can't find in stores
colors and fabric hold up over multiple washes
pockets are "man sized" and will fit a large smart phone, wallet, keys, they are also thick so keys won't stab you in the legs
they're not "boot cut" technically, but large winter boots fit perfectly into them
flex when you move without binding in "crucial" areas

5 belt loops, I'd prefer 7 as they hold up better if you wear heavy things on your belt
the regular Levis jeans are kind of tight in the crotch, these "relaxed fit" are too loose--there's no happy medium. You want a bit of tight fit when it starts to drop below freezing (they do accommodate UnderArmour base layer pants and still fit, tho)
I have 5 pairs, none are at 36" at the waist, two I can't wear without a belt, two are perfect, and one feels like I've gained 10 pounds. There's no QC
These need 2-3 washings to get out all the lint fuzz that are in the pockets and clinging to the fabric, otherwise your legs and phones will be covered in blue fuzz--and anything else you've tried to wash with them.

Great value for the money, not the best QC when it comes to fit, if you wear stuff on your belt you may need a 7-loop pair of jeans.
i Absolutely love this bag so much that i orederd a secound one in black. Thank you....
I will buy this product again
Fast shipping, great value and awesome product! Will buy more
Fit as expected but ordered a waist size up per other review recommendations. Glad I did. Fit perfect.
Very easy purchase, they are exactly as described. Most importantly they fit and feel great.
Perfect fit
They were very cheap looking
I returned them