Purchase a 3X for my husband he's a tall man not heavy fit him beautifully with a little room to move looks very smart and good quality thank you
Good hat at an affordable price. All hats I've had eventually get sweat stains but I throw them in the washer to deal with that.
Great sunglasses
Great for outdoor wear
Bought these for a trip to mexico . Great product because they work and not expensive if they get scratched or lost..
Its like they were custom made for my face. Expect nothing less when it comes to Versace!
I have been wearing levi jeans for 55 years. I always come back. I have bought lee's. Never fits right. And Wrangler, Feels cheap. My last pair of 501's lasted 12 years . I can still wear them but they are getting thin. Rocker Style.
That is pretty good . I read so many negative reviews of these jeans and was almost skeptical. But I needed to replace my current pair of 501's. Easy return so I bought em
After I got them,From Prime 2 day, I tried them on. They are still the Levi jeans from my past . 50 bucks, NO ,100 Bucks NO! 40 bucks from Amazon. I washed them hung em up to dry then wore them for a couple days. PERFECT FIT ,Nice feel. From Now on I will wash and put em in the dryer as I have done for 50 years.I they wear great.Fell Great, Look COOL.
Ya' They are not the Canvas Pants that are for sale. That feel like armor. These are The Levi 501's I have worn for the last 5 decades. No BS .
3 out of 4 Fit perfect. Hense the 4 stars and not 5. One of the Camo pairs is tighter than the others
2nd pair! Great shades
My granddaughter loved this necklace. It was packaged so pretty and made such a nice birthday memory.
I tried a few different t shirts to decide which was worthy and these were the best choice. Given the well bound collar relative to the other inferior t shirts I purchased including Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karen, etc. I am very satisfied with this purchase and have purchased these on multiple times since and will continue to do so.
Nice looking purse but the handle came off. I super glued it back on and the loop holding the hook also broke so now I have to buy a whole new purse or just carry the bag using the short handles which I hate doing.
Well made
Good thickness. Good durability. Still feel good many months later.
I received my bag and I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase:)! I will be ordering more in other colors! It fits a lot of things including my phone , big wallet and my iPad mini and etc! I love it love it love it!
Materials seem high quality. Great fit
These were great, colours pop as advertised although a little less than the Prizm on my Oakleys. This is purely personal but not a fan of the gold tint, didnt feel like I could appreciate the colours of my surroundings (had to take my sunglasses off to take pictures). Would be nice to have a decent case included for the price its being sold for.
This IZOD Advantage Performance polo shirt is very high quality and durable. It has everything I look for in a polo like comfort and durability with much more. The cotton/polyester blend is deceiving in having a certain heft to it when holding the shirt for when wearing it the shirt becomes so ultra soft and breathable against the body. The moisture wick feature is a great plus for these shirts are so attractive having moisture from sweat in warm weather quickly dissipate allows for constant wearing. The quality is definitely high end and the black shirt I got looks perfect with jeans and will also look great with shorts or a casual pair of pants. The shirt really shows off the chest well without being too snug and I believe it will look great on any body type. There are so many brands of Polo shirts out there these days that it is hard to find quality matched with great fit. I am looking at the tons of colors here and will definitely be purchasing more. The price and quality of the shirts can't be beat.
I received three pairs as a gift and I Love them! I was getting tiny blisters from some of my old running socks. No more blisters with these.
We use these shirts for our business and have them embroidered. 1 week before our annual conference I order 2 more to have fresh shirts to look professional. One of the two show up and is a used ( dirty and smelly ) shirt that still Has someones Pins in them from where they were warn.
Husband liked them.
Really cute earrings. Arrived quick. Not heavy which is nice for my ears.
Just great socks to work out in, on the back at the top of the sock is a little thicker which makes it easier to slip on and off. Great support, would buy again
Very warm and comfortable
Nice, compact wallet. I can fit quite a few cards in it and still keep the slim profile, which is what I was looking for. My previous wallets were too bulky, and I wanted something I can easily tuck into a pocket. The only problem I've encountered so far is that the zipper of the coin pouch does not want to stay zipped because of the design and construction, so any coins you keep in it will fall out. I can't speak to the RFID blocking ability, and I'm not sure how well the material will hold up in the long run.
Im 54 and 145lbs. I dont have much junk, but I do have a little belly. I got the XS because the S I usually buy at a store nearby(they dont have xs) are pretty lose.
Theyre pretty stiff but Im sure after a few washes will get loose comfy.. The shirt is a good fit for me as it is a little loose, but the pants are tiny. They squish my butt a little. You San see in the pictures.
Not stretchy at all. I wish I could buy a pants with an XS shirt.
Perfect fit and comfortable
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomiqozto https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/Pantalon-Streetwear-Straight-Quiksilver-Sweatpants