These are light and comfortable, keeps my readers where i want them while working hands free!
I bought this hat expecting three things:
1) maximum sun protection
2) it wouldn't last the year
3) it would look sexy as hell

After wearing the hat for a while now, I can come to three conclusions;
1) it provides incredible sun protection
2) it did not last the year BUT
3) it was sexy as hell

This hat is exactly what I expected of it. I love it!!
Good value well made
Great product!!! Exactly what I ordered. Makes a good birthday gift.
I buy these hats for work. Very well made and durable. I would recommend to anyone in the market for hats. Great product.
It was comfy but too small at xl
La correa dice talla 40 pero en realidad es una talla 36, era un regalo y no le sirvi de nada
I live the look, feel and styling of these tank top. Add to that the great price, and you get five stars.
My husband surprised me with these which was very thoughtful. The price is GREAT! Especially for a polarized lens. Unfortunately, when putting them on they look too big and "big eyed". Even my husband is not a fan. The nose piece also hurts a tad bit. I plan to keep them simply because the return process annoys me and they were a cheaper price point in glasses, but they don't look as flattering in my opinion and they aren't very comfortable. Bonus is they come with a GREAT case and accessories. Now that's very nice!
I got one pair of boxers that came with a hole in the crotch straight out of the package. So I have to sew them up. Being that I already wore a pair, I can't just return them back. But to pull out the second brand new pair and see a 2" hole in the crotch of them, I was pretty angry. I should either get a partial refund or another pair to replace the pair that came with a hole in them.
I will say that they're very soft, comfortable, and worth the price. Yet only if they don't come with holes. I've bought this particular brand for years, and this is the first time I've seen this before. Makes me very skeptical.
Product was a gift to son, uses for outdoor work.
Great feel for undershirts used to protect your skin from rough-material uniforms. They're longer to be tucked in but I don't like that. Ordered multi color 5 pack also and they are so short I could only use those as undershirts. Neck holes are a bit large.
Flex fit
great product, very good quality. Very happy with purchase!
They are comfortable yet it's still early on so pain is still an issue
I love this wallet! Its so bright and vibrant in real life! Its the perfect size. I have been using it for months and the glitter is still amazing!
Great for sneakers!
Love that they are lightweight, but could have been slightly heavier.
If you want a t-shirt collar that doesn't hold and stretches with ease, then these are your undershirts. Very disappointed with the quality of these Hanes shirts. I expected the Hanes quality to be much higher, but not the case with these. I would NOT buy these!
My husband likes his and they seem to hold up well in the laundry.
A bit thinner than expected. Fit s great
My new baby coming in late August initial is M, I thought this was so cute. When the package came I was even more excited. Its cuter in person. I wear it everyday I love it
Awesome fabric, great price
very good quality socks!
very warm for winter!
very comfortable in shoes!
The product is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
This is such an awesome belt! I trimmed it to fit and the material did not fray at all. The way the buckle latches on to the belt, you would never know it was cut. Seems like great quality material and feels like it will last. Also, a much better deal/value than some of these others being sold for $40-80!!
I would have given theses jeans that have reveived 5 stars if there was just a little more room in the seat
Not really what I was expecting. Difficult to put in & bent them in the process. They get caught in my hair & clothing.
The fabric does NOT stretch much which makes it too tight on the head or facial area.