Back belt loop broke almost 2 months from the day I bought them, the funny part was that I had ordered another pair from the same vendor and that same belt loop broke on the second pair. Stay away!!!
Wat I ordered
i like this wallet better than anything I've ever used before.

it's super slim, and is RFID blocking.

I don't like the little ribbon pull-tab system for getting a card out of the back pocket... but i just don't use that slot.

Cash, 2 cards and an ID- its only a few mm thick.
a little big for my face but i have a petite face. they are super cute tho.
made of good quality materials and holds my money things well, I thought it would be a smaller than a normal bill fold, but it isn't. I purchased it to replace my card holder/wallet because the money clip in the wallet was what I was looking for, and the wallet is nice and I like it for the price. I hope it holds up well, leather ages nicely, if it's quality. Time will tell.
Good quality no holes
After couple of washes the Threading is comping apart and its going to the garbage! Total waste of money!!!! It was smaller than what I expected and shrank even more after washing it. It is not the normal shrinking after a wash, it shrunk enormously.
Loved it! Very good fit and quality.
Classic look well made
I absolutely love this bag. Its roomy enough to carry everything I could ever need, its comfortable and adjustable, and it has many easy to access pockets inside and out. I love the personal letter that accompanied it, with care instructions, how it should wear over time, and contact information from the maker. I can't say enough good things about this bag. One of the best features is the snaps under the buckles so you don't have to unbuckle the outside pockets once you have them how you want them. The stitching looks as if it will last forever. Great item, well worth the price.
Shipped fast and fit correctly
Overall it fit well. They are mens pants however I purchased them for myself so to fit a female whose a little round it worked out quite well.
I use these shirts to put vinyl on. They hold up well.
Works like a charm. Needed this for a play last minute
Sleek and stylish
They are very thin, does not look like picture but acceptable. They do unfasten sometime so be careful
had to superglue the eyeholes from the inside to make them smaller & less stretched out
Its a very detailed and elegant ring. I love this!
My youngest daughter likes the cloth and the fit, her elder sister loved it too. We ordered another set for her.
Got this to replace my old bifold slim wallet that started to fall apart after many years of use. This wallet meets all the criteria I was looking for in a replacement. Slim wallet that could fit easily in my front pocket without any bulk while also being able to fit the cards I use everyday. It fits 10 cards that are the size and thickness of a standard credit card. You could maybe squeeze in one more card in the pocket with the pull tab (I have 4 in there currently) but it would stretch the leather. I don't carry around cash so I don't really need the money clip but it's nice to have just in case. I also like that the money clip is removable so I can just take it out if it's bothering me for some reason. I use the inside clear-window slot for my driver's license and the hole cutout in the middle of the clear plastic allows the license to be easily removed in case anyone checking ID wants to actually hold the card. The pull tab with the red nylon strip to assist in pulling out the various cards inside the pocket is a nice touch. I read other reviews that said that the pull tab broke easily after pulling it a few times so I've been gentle when pulling it and also put cards in that pocket that I won't need to access frequently. Will update this review if it breaks too easily as apparently has happened to a couple reviewers here. I'm docking one star from an otherwise 5-star product since a bit of the leather was already peeling on a brand new wallet (see attached picture) but the damage isn't bad enough to warrant returning it. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone shopping around for a minimalist wallet that they want to carry around in their front pocket.

UPDATE (10/4/19):
I place my work access card in the outside pocket and press my wallet up against the entrance scanner to get into work. It worked fine for the first few weeks but it has stopped working the past couple days so that I now have to remove the card from the wallet each time I want to get into the office, which is pretty inconvenient, especially since it's very difficult to remove a card from the front-most pocket on the outside of the wallet (see last picture). I thought only the inside pockets of the wallet was protected from RFID scanning but apparently even the outside pockets are protected as well. I would relocate the work access card to the clear pocket on the inside (the clear plastic isn't RFID-protected) but I have my driver's license there for the quick-viewing window and there's no other convenient place to put the license.

The wallet is nice but now I'm a bit disappointed...(docking 1 more star as a result)
ADORABLE! Worth the $10 bucks during lightning deal. It has a funky plastic smell. Other than that cute!!!
Love it !!!!!!
I am a road cyclist and wanted to extend my riding season. This mask has definitely helped to do that. It is thin enough for me to wear a helmet but thick enough to ward off the coldest breezes as I ride. I did have some trouble with glasses fog but with a few adjustments was able to help that problem. (I have a very narrow face and Im sure that is a huge factor.) This is a good product and recommended for many outdoor ventures.
When I received it was broken, only first numbers work. Needed it for birthday gift.
Fine product.
Its pretty thing, yet has a solid feel which is nice and rare in wallets. The color options are great too. And on top of that, this wallet fully loaded with all my cards and stuff is the same thickness as my old wallet is empty. My old wallet is no in the trash.
I like the design of this bag as it lays flat and doesn't slip off my shoulder.
Better than any of the others I've worn. Fit is right and very long lasting.
I love this ring my boyfriend got it for me as a promise ring for our 1 year and I love it so much it's so adorable and I love it