Fit well. What else can I say.
One earring bent. The screw on work pretty well though.
What dont I love?! Great for when I just need a smaller crossbody & the bigger bag is great for everything else! Got many compliments!
Love the way they fit. Extra cushin right where you need it.
I love these, they're perfect size and cute to wear with really anything.
Great arch support. As a consumer with flat feet, I recommend this socks as they provide me great comfort more so than other brands I have tried.
I love buffs! Got some when I moved to Colorado. I bought a few UV and this one. They work well for skiing, fishing, or just walking around. They protected me from sun and snow in both warm and cold weather.
Great shirt. I like the tall options available
Fast delivery, great earrings and my granddaughter will love them when she receives them for Christmas. Great pricing, packaging.
I love this bracelet! I got one for my friend for her birthday and decided to buy one for myself. Its so comfortable to wear and very stylish. I have gotten many, many compliments on it. I love the meaning of the lotus flower and it was my favorite summer bracelet. It makes me happy to wear.
It looks good well constructed . I like it ,I only have it for a week so far
The straps broke after a week
Run pretty true to size, but the legs are a little more snug than others. They are soft and comfy. The waist is way too big for my girl, but we expected them to be a little big. She wears them mostly for sleeping as she loves this kind of short. The waistband is very thick and not annoying. Stitching is done well, and the fabric is thick enough that it isn't see through. We like these!
Great quality hat, but the size was too small. Ive bought nearly identical hats from Lids that are the same size and they fit larger than these. Note sure why. Same brand, model and size.
Overall the jeans were satisfactory. However after the purchase I found these at Walmart for about $6.00 cheaper. Pays to shop around!
Like the socks, what I was expecting however one of the WHITE socks had a hole on the inside foot area. little disappointed.
UPDATE 7/31/18- Well I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised that the vendor reached out to ME immediately upon mentioning the hole in one of the socks in my review. They honestly wanted to make me happy and offered a refund or to have a new set of socks sent. Since I do really like the socks I opted for a new set to be shipped. Got it within days. This is a seller who will stand behind their product. Very pleased.
Affordable, quality material
First off, I just want to say I am 5'10" at 160lbs. My shirts are Large and my pants are normally about 32-30. I ordered the Medium top and medium bottom in Black color. They are a perfect fit. It's like wearing a Large Spring Jacket and slightly taller pants. It covers all my clothes while wearing. They fit snug and won't slip down cause they have springy cords to clamp around your waist for the bottoms.

To be honest, I haven't tried them yet but my coworker bought a set of these so that's why I bought them. He used them for riding his motorcycle during the rain and I know they work cause I followed him home and he wasn't perfectly dry but he wasn't soaked either. He did say after 10 minutes of constant water, the suit does start to soak up and pass through. But I think if you're walking through the rain or something, you should be fine. I bought these to combat getting soaked for when I wash down military vehicles with a pressure washer. I'm still going to hit them with NeverWet for apparel but I think they'll be fine without it.
I like these pants I wear them quite often for fit. I am 6'8"and have a hard time finding pants that fit comfortably
Everyday hat for chores
Heavy Duty!
I love it! My friends have them and I had to get one myself. The story behind this is something I felt strong about. And it's the legit stuff too!
A nice gadget to place multiple keys, take your time when installing your keys.
Great!! Gift for my daughter. She loved it.
Love it
I like it. XR phone fits with case. Having 3 compartments allows to organize your stuff.
I have never been able to wear this style of sunglasses because they are all too wide for my small face. These fit perfectly out of the box, not needing any adjustments. I'm very happy I spent the extra money to buy these glasses over others I was looking at.
Estaba buscando playeras largas, y estas fueron las adecuadas, para que no se salgan de la cintura del pantaln.
Husband loves these!!!é