Honestly all in all an amazing bag. Maybe one of the best ones Ive ever owned. All the pockets are amazing and I feel much more secure knowing that access to the bag can only be reached from the part thats closest to me.
Very good
Only jeans my 22 year old son will wear!
Great hat
Very satisfied customer
It would have been nice if there were place holders for cards on the inside like the product photos suggest there are... which is half the reason why I bought this... but there aren't any. Hence the 3-stars. Otherwise its a cute, well constructed bag if you don't mind having your cards loose.
It's sharp looking and light weight and plenty of room for all my junk! The small pockets are extremely useful!
Product doesn't match the photos on it's package. The legs were much shorter and the Hem on the bottom is too thick. After about 10 minutes of wearing these they become bunched up and uncomfortable.
Works great especially when you are working on changing your waist measurements (i.e. loosing weight).
great shorts for work or leisure ... love the mini pockets
While it's a bit snug, I did order it in medium due to other reviews. So I'm happy with it. The bill comes very flat, but I see that as a good thing b/c I can form it how I want over time. Seems very well made, and such a good price. And, it came super fast. I say, buy it!
These were great for my hubby.
Great, bought them for my dad and he wears them to bed. Says they are soft and warm!
Good quality socks for a good price. Comfortable and fit well. I bought 2 packs to replace my old socks. Im on my feet all day and they dont feel damp or anything. Two thumbs up
She says it comes in very handy while shopping. She does not have to dig for it in her handbag.
Shirts fit my teenage son just fine. He likes the tagless feature of the shirt.
Love it. Fits great. Looks great. I have a small head so some hats are too big even though you can adjust the back strap. This fits well regardless.
Good shorts. A little over priced but fit perfect
This purse is perfect. Beautiful color, plenty of compartments and easily fits wallet, cell phone, a few lipsticks, keys.
Very disappointed.....some of the washes of jeans do not have the flex fit waist band.....total waste of money!!
Within 2 days of my granddaughter receiving this birthday gift the face was cloudy. She wore the watch to bed for those two days and was disappointed that the crystal was cloudy and scratched. It would have cost $70 to replace the crystal.
Instructions were not all that good. Another buyer left great instructions as a review should you need them. He loves it but for me the days of the week are tooooo small. Otherwise it gets the job done
Excellent watch for a young girl. Screen will allow taps and drags, although it is not very responsive. Camera and video works, although low resolution. In spite of those limitations, this is watch is very good for the price, especially since I gifted it to my 7 year old niece.
Great shorts but fits too small
Everything was fine except for the tag. Is it really necessary to put such a long tag in?
I am a non-America customer and find the wallet is a bit small for the money notes of my country. But overall the quality of the wallet is ok.
Love these shades! They are stylish and polarized which is everything I need in a pair of sunglasses
Extremely good value. Exactly as advertised and pictured in the ad. I am very satisfied.
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