Loooove my new purse!!!!!
Finally got some shorts for my daughter!
Cool style but poor construction as the right arm fell off after a few months of nominal use. Sure I can go get them fixed but just a little attention to small component assembly would make this issue less so in the future.
I film for YouTube and needed a cheap set of sunglasses. Looking through my options I stop some American flag. After seeing the price. Sold right there. Arrived 2 days later to find the glasses came in a nice box, came with a Phillips and regular mini screwdriver, a cleaning cloth and a pouch. The glasses fit great and look great! Get compliments all the time about them. I would definitely buy another pair
As a military style belt should be
Exactly what I wanted
Fit is great, lenses are top notch
Bought this wallet as a gift for my father. I think he's going to love it
I got this as a birthday gift for myself. This necklace is worth the money. It's such a pretty little piece.
The buckling part of this belt is a bit too wide for standard belt loops, which I can deal with.

The belt itself is hard to actually tighten. There is hardly any movement within the belt material nor does the belt actually stay tight once "pulled."
Great fit
Is not comfortable
Cool but cheaply built only lasted a month
Cute fashion glasses
I bought these for my husband and he really likes them.... He wont wear any other type now and actually tossed out all of his other socks.
Got these shorts for my husband to lounge around in. But mainly so he can get rid of the mesh shorts that he had cause they were so holey lol. But they fit him great, he loves the fact that there are pockets and a draw string. And he says they are very comfortable
We've had this for over a year, and though my DD doesn't wear it often it is still working. Got it for trips to water parks & it's proven waterproof. Only challenge is changing settings, icons are very small and I lost the instructions long ago (was able to figure it out though).
Initially I was thrilled with the socks and the good snug, but comfortable, fit. For a few days I was happy. But then I got a hole in One sock after a short visit to the gym with normal use. I hope this was a rare occurrence and not an indication of more to come. This was the First wear for this sock. I'm a little nervous because I bought 28 pairs of socks so I hope they are not defective.
My daughters favorite and I love them too!!
Look nice feel nice on the foot but I should have gotten the next size down.
The choker is sturdy and really cute :)
Lightweight, comfortable and fit well.
A little large for my feet but overall perfect.
I bought these swim shorts for my husband and I'm so glad I did! They're nice and bright, and good quality for the price. He's typically a size medium (32-33 inch waist in pants) and the medium in these shorts fit well. I also like that they aren't as long as some trunks and that they're available in so many different patterns!
Returned. These are huge. They looked like clown glasses on me. Definitely not lenon style. More like massive colour lenses.
I read a lot of questions and answers about conceal carry with this belt and most of the answers were negative, but I decided to try anyways. I bought this belt specifically for carrying a pistol and I learned that if you clip your holster to the side with the tail then it doubles the belt and works perfectly. Since this belts tail goes behind the buckle, you can put it on left to right or right to left and it will look the same either way. Now for the quality of the belt itself. Super lightweight. Doesnt loosen throughout the day, (when properly put on) and the buckle isnt digging into my stomach which is very nice. I will definitely be buying more to have different colors.
The size taken was S and it fits as I expected. The materials are great. Thanks Hans
Perfect face cover for 11 year old that doesn't like mask.
Lov it. Just what I need it for. Love the color.
I love these shorts and bought four so I can wear them almost exclusively. The gusset allows for unrestricted movement and they are very durable.
The only problem is that when I wear them through airport security, the TSA body scanner flags the thigh pocket zipper for review resulting in a quick pat down and then Im on my way. Conversely, these shorts pass through metal detectors without incident.
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomy53k44 https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/Tazzio-Pantalon-sport-Homme-noir