Great material. Get your size not bigger!
Overall a nice sock. They are thinner so you could wear these with a slimmer fitting shoe. The quality seems good. I like the colors they come in as well.
The reason for not giving 5 stars is they have the rubber type grippers on the inside of the heel to keep the sock up and those irritate my heel.
Can't get it wrong when buying this for the girlfriend or the wife. She loved it. Wears it almost every day. It's a win-win if you purchase this beautiful bracelet for the one you love
Not good
Nice quality tee fit is slightly larger than expected .
What I love about this wallet: Overall it is big enough that it will not bend most things you put in the back of it. What I don't love about this wallet: You can pretty much only put one card in each of the pockets which get used up quickly if you have gift cards, insurance cards, warehouse membership cards, etc. And my least favorite was that the pocket intended for your driver's license will not hold a NC license. I used another pocket, but it is impossible to remove the license from the pocket I ended up having to use.
excellent quality
Poor quality, broken string & way to big for an adult head, it keep falling on the face. Returning it back.
I wore these sunglasses on a hike while wearing sunblock. The sunblock rubbed off on the glasses and it made the plastic bubble up to the point they broke down the nose piece when I took them off. Theyre only $13 but still. Youd think they would account for people wearing sunscreen.
Great sunglasses for the price
Heavyweight enough for so cal weather
While these look great and are priced right, they bend very easily. I've already went through 2 sets in a 6 month span. Something as simply as taking my daughters shirt off and catches on the earring slightly will bend them.
Used this backpack purse on a 2 week trip to Europe, and loved it. It carries a lot, has lots of zippered pockets, and is easy to adjust. Looks great too! Would recommend.
I loved this product. Autumn is upon us and I didn't want to wear white tee's under my shirt, so I purchased the black/grey crewneck tee pack. I loved them. I would recommend this product to everyone.
I had been wearing compression shorts during my workouts underneath my regular shorts for quite a while to prevent chafing. As I didnt really care about the benefits of compression and really just wanted to prevent chafing, I thought Id give these a try. These work just as well, and since they arent as tight they are way more comfortable.
If fits perfect!!!!!
beautiful necklace to me
I'm using these to keep my feet warm on a cold and rainy.....yes rainy day in las vegas. I love them
Thinner than expected but good
Love the look of these glasses, they are a tight fit, but with my "small" head they are great!
My daughter who wears a size 5 asked for Frozen underwear for Christmas!! Since she was in the middle of 2 available sizes I chose to buy the larger one and they are way huge on her. They stick out of her pants a lot. They are cute though...
Great jogger for the price
Received in a timely manner. Fits well. Only issue is they wrinkle. Tried all of Mom's tricks, but the only way to get the wrinkles out is to iron them. As an undershirt they will be fine.
Very thin. But hold up well in the laundry
Works well with work or play.
looks and fit great
Looked very expensive.
Sturdy belt. Looks nice. Good fit.
fits great and love the look