Loose material and when they cut for size they didn't hem the edges.
I have lost 5 items now because the pockets are too small and the hole being too wide including my wallet. I have also dropped my 5 inch phone multiple times which is now cracked due to that. The rest of the pants however is very nice being flexable and comfortable.
Producto Peruano
Very comfortable! Well made! Great Price! Thank you Amazon Essentials!
stains easy
Love this item its been on my foot since December and it havent change color it still sparkle like diamonds its great I bath and sleeps in it, its also strong, it got caught a few times and it never broke
Great wallet. Small but fits everything!
I really like these shorts very comfortable, perfect for hot tropical environments.

Be advised they run very short and the material is very thin
They have nice mirror lens...and that's it haha. Not uv. No shade protective lens from sun and or bright lights. People can easily see your eyes. Just flashy not quality.
the fabric on these is cotton i think? It feels like sand paper compared to the other cotton undershirts I have.
I was really impressed with this purse. The leather is really nice and soft and the gold colored hardware is heavy and doesnt feel cheap. This bag has all the pockets I love to have and its a great size for my everyday life as a mom- extra room to carry things for the kids.
They are soft and Comfy!
I didn't know the brand, but it as good as any other well known world wide known brand.
Good price for a very functional rain pant. Too bad I opened the package with a box cutter.
Great socks. Very comfortable and breathable.
Got it 1 month ago and already ripped! Big hole in one of the seems! Disappointing! Not well made cheap product
I ordered one shirt from here and fell in love with the style so i ordered this 3 pack!! Love the style, very comfortable and looks great!! These are my new favorite shirts!! I will absolutely order more of them!!!
I just opened the package and is a male uniform. Is not for women
I own several pairs of under armour sweats and these are by far my favorite!
My son was happy with them. Just enough rokm in case they shrink.
Just as expected. Supple, beautiful and convenient. Well thought out bag.
I'd actually give these 2.5 stars because I'm not convinced of the overall quality at this point. I had 2 pairs develop holes at the inside ankle seams. On both socks. It happened the first day I wore them. I've worn 2 other pairs and washed them without issue. So far. But they were pretty cheap so did I get what I paid for??
Good value as expected.
It is bigger than expected but in a great way! I seriously am in love w it and it arrived today. Good quality, looks expensive
A little snug on the nuts, but that's ok...good quality and fit great
really not what I had hoped. Treads are very weak
I feel like princess. Beautiful.
https://www.anvilfirm.com/frcustomx3l3zd https://www.anvilfirm.com/produit173/levi-s-homme-501-originaux-fit-jeans-bleu