Its warm. I love where is cold for many months.
Horrible quality.
Had to get my husband this shirt to wear in a wedding and we don't have many shopping options near us. It came in promptly and was exactly what we needed. It ran a bit on the large side, but once tucked in you really couldn't tell. The air vents in the shirt certainly help keep you cool in the muggy summer weather we have. It's not his usual style, but all of the guys in the wedding party were much more comfortable in these than they would've been in suits during the outdoor wedding.
Use as a gift. Have big comfy to older children. Glad they made smaller one for th younger. Have bought total of 16 for gidts. Best gifts ever
The mechanism of the belt is great but as soon as I took off the plastic cover on the belt the black paint was chipped away/missing. It seems like a good belt but this lack of finish feels sloppy.
The sizing was way off.
My son absolutely loved them! He loves the crazy socks and you guys have outdone yourself with the pizza box!!! Awesome creation that will forever be in our memories. Also he says they r very comfortable!
Had a smaller one before like this one better
Does the job, roomy
They are a godsend. I haven't been driving at night for the longest time, I decided to give them a try and the reduction in the glare off of the cars in the oncoming lanes is remarkable. Everything is so much clearer. I can't thank you enough for a great product. A*****
Perfect size for my 7 year old daughter! She loves it!
Well made looks good
I like the case because it takes up minimal space and dusts the lens.
On the money and fast
Great item that great in on expected delivery date!!!
I purchased this for our trip abroad and it has become my everyday bag. Seems the logical leap: why wait till you're out of the country to consider protecting your valuables? The only thing i would change about the design is having the zipper open from the bottom versus the top: it would make for ease on my part trying to operate it with on free hand.
Wife it
Feel Great
Gold toe used to be good quality. I have purchased them for my husband before with no problem. He wears size 15 shoe and Gold Toe used to have nice extended size socks. He just opened the pack and noticed that the seams on at least 2 socks are ripping at the toe! The sock is also very short and does not represent the extended size at all. I would not recommend this sock at all! Too bad the quality has taken such a hit.
These were fantastic. Usually over time underwear stretches out throughout the day. These have been great. I'm already purchasing more
I love it!!!!
the zipper
Nice glasses. Surprisingly sturdy especially fire the low price. Would have given them a five star rating but one of the nose pads was not attached. In fact the screw wasn't even in the packaging. I almost sent it back but took the screw out of an out pair of readers and... good as new.
Beautiful bags!! Will hold a lot.. Just a little smaller than what I am used to. Fantastic buy!
These fit perfect,and the most comfortable briefs ever.
Nice watch but Hard to read numbers and change date.
I suffer from vertigo. If lens aren't if high quality they make me nauseous and dizzy. These definitely are not high quality lenses. They look great but I cannot wear them at all. Gave them to my gf and she likes them. Even though this product was not for me their customer service is worth the 4/5 stars I gave them. Great company!
The color was lighter than the picture I thought it was more olive
Long af
My grandson loves it!