All hoof
My wife loves it. It holds a lot
Nice fit. Every day all around good hat
this little nugget of a necklace is very delicately made &makes a perfect accent piece for a special outfit OR daily wear !!
Great wallet and it arrived on time. I would definitely buy more if necessary. They keep all documents organized and everything is being kept safe. Quick shipment and it arrived very quickly.
This is THE PERFECT BELT ! Fit is bang on and very nice quality ! The way it was packaged blew me away ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY and their belt ! 5 Stars !
I like my belt. Fit very good
I had a tri-fold wallet that got too thick with cards (not money, unfortunately). The bi-fold is perfect. Great quality and service.
Great sleep wear, very comfortable
Screw back already came off and lost
Great product, disappointed they all came in shades of black and gray. I thought it was assorted blue like the picture. Just stinks since in our house color determines whose they are.
These socks are so comfy. They are thin, but not to the point of being "cheap" or anything like that. Also, they last way longer than any other sock I've found. Wouldn't buy another brand again.
Its okay for the price I just wished it had more slots for the cards.
the fabric was fine but the legs were too narrow, felt like a large should have been much bigger..
These shorts fit nicely and are not as baggy as some basketball shorts are these days. I like the material too, not too heavy not too light.
This is what I've needed for years! I can see all my cards easily, they are all in one place, and it's fairly slim even though I bought the 60 card one.
comfortable socks fit as expected
i am a fan of adidas socks and these like all my other adidas socks are comfortable and sized as expected
Great shirt, thick enough to keep you warm, but still soft and comfortable.
just what I needed
I love this bag. It is lightweight and holds a lot. The design is cute too. Ive seen these a few times in import/ international boutiques. It always cracks me up that I got it for $8 and Ive seen it on sale for 3-4 times that amount. Only complaint is that it is very thin fabric. Not as durable as I expected, but no problems so far. I have even washed it. Works like a charm.
Just arrived and I love it already! I currently have 5 cards, my ID, a spot that can hold 2-3 folded bills, and an empty pocket to spare. I dont often carry cash so even though I love a big wallet to carry coupons, receipts, coins, health insurance cards, etc...I only use them on a rarity. This is much better for day to day use. Lets just hope I remember my son and Is insurance cards and gift cards when I need them. I hope it holds up...Ill update my review if it doesnt.
Extra long torso and sturdy pocket. Its hard to find crew cuts in town now that hipsters have brought back the v-neck.
My husband and brother-in-law LOVED this hat and obviously others did also because now they are out of stock when I tried to order more.
Beautiful little bracelet. Got this for our granddaughters Baptism. It was perfect!
Excellent product, thank you
Wash great n hold it shape . Fits great
These belts are lightweight, sturdy, well made, they arrived on time. I will be giving them a good work out in the field soon. So far so good!
The earrings themselves: super cute.
Putting them on requires like 30 minutes of your time with assistance of a friend. Its almost impossible.êtement-Imprimé-Pantalon