I brought this blue and its just as shown on the picture, perfect fit and the inside its soft. Perfect for those that are picky (me) about how soft its is on the inside.
After the first or second wash, the length shrunk such that they are a touch short. Otherwise sizing is fine.
Excelente calidad.
These leggings are so cute!
I love it! It smells like real leather, super easy to put on and doesn't feel bulky. Very comfortable to wear. Not quite as glittery as in the picture but the color is true and I would definitely buy again!
They are a Christmas gift!
Work fantastically. Have to wear a lot of stuff on my belt, when working. Stops the need to keep pulling my pants back up where they belong.
Awesome, I love the bracelets.
Love it
Its clean
Love the cushion support. Soft on my feet. Great running sock, or everyday sock. Holds up very well over time.
These belts are great. They are not bulky and super comfortable. My nephews loved them
Turned color. Would not recommend
Very comfortable. Hanes always lives up to expectation.
Good product
A super nice lot of twenty four pairs of little girls earrings. There is a variety of earrings included like: unicorns, rainbows, mermaid scales and more. A great value and perfect for gift giving.
I always carry a black purse - any season. I just love black. BUT ... when you have a black liner in the handbag and your wallet and everything else is blank - you can't find anything. I set out to get a sunglass case that wasn't black. I wanted a light/bright color so I could see it in a black handbag with a black lining. This case was and is perfect for my needs. I LOVE IT. I can always find my sunglass case and therefore, my glasses in my bottomless pit of a handbag. The metallic material has held up to banging around the bottom of my handbag with other sharp objects and tools and who knows what else. I carry a Mary Poppins handbag. If you need a punchbowl - I have it. If you need a size 13 basketball shoe - I probably have it. If you need a sewing kit - I have it. So it was important to get a case that could take a beating. This one doesn't show any wear - it's perfect.
Used this for my trip to London and Paris and had no issues! A must have if you are going to Europe, esp. Paris! It also held my wallet, phone, and a few souvenirs.
I love this handbag it is so nice,will become my favorite.
Got this for my sister. She loved it!!!
I was looking to "downsize" my purse size, but didn't want anything too small. This is the perfect medium purse. It is very well constructed and made of quality materials. Exactly what I was looking for....I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!
Soft and light weight
The collar sucks. I like a white tshirt that has a collar that stays around my neck. It been washed once and already losing its shape.
I use them to keep the sweat out of my eyes when I workout. There fine for that but I could do without "Made in China" on the side. Oh Levi's, how the mighty have fallen..
The belt fits as described and is vey comfortable.
I found the patterns varied, but not as extreme as some suggest. But personally it's only "underwear" and I believe cost, fit, form and durability trump pattern. As a 'slightly graying' customer, the low cost offsets any style/pattern issues.
Got this bag a few weeks ago and are using it as my everyday bag. It is big and deep, with several compartments inside and pockets. Very functional, for travelling, school, or work. Quality is good, considering the price. I just wish the back pocket were a bit bigger to fit a phone. You can find other listings in Amazon that sell this bag at a lower price.
Underwear fits really well, glad I bought them.
It was a present for my husband and he loves them. I selected the right colors for him but there were so many to choose from, the decision to go with the more conservative colors was a hard one to make.
I seriously didnt know what RFID meant when I ordered this wallet!! it looks like a nice wallet, period. My husband says that RFID is this technology that folks use to steal credit card data which is why CC companies are switching over to the chip method. Who knew?! The quality is decent and it's a small and attractive. My husband said he has no issues with using this when we are on vacation.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
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