Best suspenders I have ever bought. They stay clipped and never slip off.
I like how slim this wallet is but it doesnt hold as many cards comfortably as my previous, thicker wallet. I would assume this is the expected trade off. Not necessarily a bad thing as it holds my essential cards and cash. Forces me to not build a Costanza wallet.

Problem though is durability. Ive been using the wallet for a year and now its beginning to fall apart. The ID pocket is starting to tear and the edge near the fold is starting to also break off. I dont take my ID out excessively and never had this problem with my previous wallets with the ID pocket so this was disappointing. Had to take a star away for the durability. Hopefully it doesnt worsen but I dont think Ill be buying another one if it does.

UPDATE: The wallet continues to fall apart in several places. The ID holder is nearly completely torn open and now the cash pocket is separating. I've never had a leather wallet completely come apart the way this one has. I will stay far away from Hissimo products for now on.
Balega socks are the most comfortable socks I have ever owned.
I have purchased about 12 pairs to date and will likely buy more.
Purchases a set of 4 adult small and received 3S and 1L.
This 100% cotton shirt is made in Vietnam. It fits as expected, is soft cotton, and has a good weight that is comfortable for fall and winter. It has a pocket on the left side and a button down collar. This is the kind of shirt I like to wear everyday and I would definitely get this again.
Its ok
These broke down...balled up and lost their shape...after several washes.
I really like this belt
I am really satisfied with the product. It is exactly what I need and very convenient to use.
wonderful quality, good price, extremely well-organized
work great!
love it
This shirt stitching is opens up after the 2nd time I wear it. Really disappointed.
I bought size Large, which said 42-44". I'm 44" at my thickest point. This undershirt stretched over me like a second skin, very tight, very uncomfortable.
Great basic tee, my husband likes them. They fit as expected.
Great for wearing around the house instead of shorts for men or women.
Very comfortable and cool with those summer months!
Nice workout pants. Very comfortable.
Great shirts, great price, and these shirts fit just like I want them to.
I purchased a pair of these in the Red & Black with the yellow-ish lens. I've been using them for 2 weeks now every day on the drive to school (~30 minutes) and they are so comfortable I actually forget I'm wearing them at times. These ones in particular have maybe a blue-ish look to everything, but your eyes will definitely not be bothered by the sun at all. I recommend purchasing a pair as the price and quality seem like quite a steal.
Looks good seems ok bought it for my daughter just hope it doesn't break seems a little cheap for the money.
My brother loved them. He tells me his feet don't sweat or stink in them. I find that hard to believe, but since we are continents apart I have to trust his word.
For a handicap person with ALS, it is easy to retrieve D L and credit cards from this wallet.
Received everything on time as advertised. No problems whatsoever. Would I buy again/recommend? Yes. Gave 4 stars instead of 5, because they are a tad to long. Could be that I have a "weird" body type. But like any normal person, gotta blame it on them, not me. Hehehe...
May need more pockets
It's not great for change because it falls under the card section making it hard to get to but I really like the wallet. I don't have to dig out the card I need anymore. It's easily accessible.
Perfect sized silver hoops!
Grandma loved it