Great product love it. The clip is very strong and holds everything I need without all the balky feeling of a wallet.
Great fit, convenient tech pockets for phone & sunglasses! I love the look and feel of these camo-pattern shorts.
I think the gold tone was poorly done, it seems like it will peel or fade easily (It's not smooth, some parts had what looked like air bubbles?). Luckily you can't tell from far away and my hair is usually worn down so they will still work for me. I will say that i have extremely sensitive ears when it comes to metals and i have not had any issues wearing these all day.
Exactly what is expected. Perfect
I love this bag! I use it everyday.
thick , soft
Love it! Holds everything I need and its super slim which is exactly what I was looking for
The cords pulled out of the holder on 3 of 3 used so far. Cannot recommend.
Initial impression is that these are the best socks I've worn. Once they are on they feel very soft and comfortable with the right amount of cushioning. Seem durable but will need more time to tell.
These "fit over sunglasses do not "fit over my glasses well" They can still be used but just not with my glasses on.
Like these Ts!
I can usually wear a medium or a small in most shirts, but the medium was huge on me.

Overall, these are nice, inexpensive polyester shirts. I wear them when riding my bike, and they're comfortable.
Exactly what I needed! Heavy duty clips and I am happy!
Crunched to death in the box looked like it was shoved into the stuffing every edge rolled or bent the brown on it jus looks like someone smeared door on the hat metal wire poking out the back from shipping damages super tacky leather and metal do not buy this trash wouldn't spend $5 on it much less $20
I have to say that this bathing suite is super cute!! My husband looks super stylish! I love them!
Good cotton material
Not bad
Good price also
I need 10 more pairs of these shorts, they are the best shorts in the world! I already own 3 pairs and will buy more this summer! I absolutely love them! 10/10. Feel free to mail me a few more pairs! Also great durability, I strictly wear Prana pants and shorts while working on my Food Truck. All of their clothes are outstanding!
Great belt, very good value for money, very comfortable, and it feels premium.
My 1 year old has been wearing the 12 month ones and they fit fine, though we're going to have to size up to 18 months in the next month, even though she's in the 50th percentile for height and the 30th for weight. She is not chunky anywhere, but the legs are a bit tight, especially the lower legs. While the lower legs fit a bit tight, as other purchasers have noticed, and it makes me worried that I'm going to catch her skin in the zipper, that is actually not my major complaint. My major complaint is that Carters segments its clothing into only girls and boys and color-codes everything so obnoxiously. I actually ended up buying two of the boys sets and one of the girls sets (the one with the pigs, which is super cute). The only difference between the boys and girls pajamas, other than pink vs. blue, is the girls sets have a faint poof/ruffle where the sleeve meets the shoulder. Carters, please enter the 21st century and make some unisex clothes, or at least let me search for "one piece footies" on your seller page without having to select first "boys" vs. "girls." It would be far more useful to have categories to choose from like "with zippers" (yay!), with snaps (booo!), "up to 9 months", "9 months and above," etc.

OK, rant over. That said, I found the quality sufficient. They are washing well, and other than the leg tightness, I can't complain.
Can't beat them for the price. They are sweat pants. They fit me just fine as a 30/30 pants size.
Fit as expected will buy again
Love the hat but I have a large head so I had to have a Velcro closure put in.its slot more comfortable.if your other hats came this way I might consider them.ihate plastic. Snaps they always break.the embroidery is incredibly done
Made for an easy, ready made birthday gift!
i very happy for this item and very thanks for your import product

sincery javier siguencia

quito ecuador

sud america
Same look and fit, but something about the material of the ones I recieved don't match others I've bought from the store; just feels thinner
In time, wear will tell me whether I'm right/ wrong about them
Love them!!! It's like being naked!! I've bought 6 pairs!!
Very bendable frames. Other wise pretty nice