This is an OK sweatshirt for a good price but it is not heavy weight material. I am 5' 7" and 185 lbs. An XL is a very comfortable loose fit. It did not shrink much in the dryer. I am satisfied and would buy again.
as expected
Less than 30 days of use. Seams are tearing apart.
Great belt but runs really small.
Nice bag. I have a royal blue for summer. I wanted to get the tan for the fall.
I like the pants except they are WAYYYYYYY too long for me. They come with a 36 inch inseam and that means if one is not long legged them hemming will be needed.
Love it
Great Wallet
I wear a size 9.5/10 in mens and purchased this item in a large. The socks repeatedly slide off my foot, very loose fitting at the bottom. Also, the top of the sock is too snug, making it too tight for me to pull up my sock comfortably. Furthermore, Ive only washed a few times on a delicate cycle and already seems to be quite of wear happening. These are midweight wool socks that decently keep my feet warm, I feel like they could be a little warmer also a little thicker.
I was skeptical because some card holders are made of cheap plastic and falls apart before you could really use them. not with this wallet. let me start with the quality of the wallet. i wasn't expecting the nice box and the pouch. zipper was sturdy, which is great for me because i tend to be rough with wallets. This is product was exactly what I've been looking for. i was able to organize my cards (did not use all of the slots), i can access it easily in my bag, i can find everything with confidence. I am very happy with my purchase.
Nice and heavy duty! Great price!
Seriously, who doesn't love a brand new pair of socks? Nothing makes you feel better then a soft, cushy pair of spanking new socks. It's like your own Dirty Little Secret!!! I bought these socks for one of my son's friends, he kind of has a rough life and one day he was over and I noticed that the socks he was wearing were not only very very small, but also worn down to just threads. I felt terrible for the kid, so I ordered him a care package. His birthday was a couple days away so I bought him the same thing that I honestly buy for my own kids on their birthday. Socks, underwear, white t-shirts, deodorant, soap, a couple pairs of basketball shorts, and a new loofah... I was impressed that the product was delivered the next day. I was also impressed with the quality of the socks. Hanes es is a great brand known for great undergarments, but I was expecting that these would be a little "less then" due to the fact that you got so many for such a great price. They fit perfectly, not too tight around the ankle, yet they don't slip down into your shoe. My son's friend wears a size 11 in men's shoe and the socks slipped on like a glove! Every time I've seen that young man since he has had on a pair of these sacks, he has thanked me countless times which warms my heart but also breaks it at the same time. I wish I could do more for him, but I have 3 kids of my own... Either way as far as the product goes, you won't be disappointed with these socks! Also, I was at Walmart yesterday and I noticed that they were actually more expensive at Walmart than they were on Amazon. I would definitely purchase this product again and probably will in a couple of months when my son's birthday rolls around. I hope this helps someone decide whether or not to purchase the socks.
Love it stay on even in the wind
Length is long over the knees.
Very comfortable.
I love gildan sweatshirts and shirts. They know how to provide great long lasting quality without breaking your wallet. And it looks good on you as well.
Excellent & sturdy construction. I had the previous version and they lasted me many years - until I accidentally left them on a plane when I left. These are even more sturdy and I have no doubt they'll last every bit as long. The optics are fantastic - ultra clear - and they block out a good amount of light.
The socks are fine but i bought them based on there cotton content which is wrong.
Exactly what I wanted.
Broke as soon as I was putting it on. Very poor quality. Don't bother.
I like the skull earring the best!!
Good fit exept for the nose to squished
Nice purse, just much smaller than expected
I bought these to wear under a shirt or sweater with the neck showing.

The Good: They are long enough which is a problem for some colored T-shirts. The material is about average thickness. I have some nicer T-Shirts that are a bit thicker, but I've seen thinner material T-shirts too. The material is softness is about average. For the price, they're decent thickness and soft enough. You'd have to spend much more money to get better.

The Bad: These fit weird. The sleeves flare out which I've never seen in a T-Shirt before. Also, the shoulders are too wide; the shoulder line is past my shoulder. I've never had this problem with any other T-Shirt ever. The neck is a bit loose. I was hoping from other reviews that the neck would lay flat. Though I've seen looser, I can't say these lay flat.
I like them very much. They are everything I would expect from Ray-Ban.
Product has good quality. Comparable to famous brands.
Good fit...good price! What else is there?