Very good glasses for night driving, great price
Not only are SOJOS sunglasses, uniquely designed but they are also extremely comfortable for a wonderful price! I highly recommend these shades!!
- FreeToBeHappy
This hat fits nicely. My hat size is 7 1/4 and it fits as I expected. The lettering is great and the USA on the hat is done very well. In fact, all the stitching is surpurb. Id recommend this hat to anyone, the quality is just that great!
Great fit and hat for an awesome price! I'll be sure to order more in the future when i need them.
I love this purse. It's so much more gorgeous than it looks in the pictures. Very pleased with my purchase.
These fit just as I want them to be. Good quality. No defects. This time all three of them are made in Honduras. I also like the made in Mexico fit. I'll buy more in the future. Thanks.
This bag is the perfect size for me. The only reason for the 4 rating instead of a 5 is that the thin strap digs into my shoulder. I switched out to another Fossil strap I had that is a bit wider and that helped.
excellent product of very high quality 100% recommend
light weight t shirt for the summer with a good fit. I'm a happy customer.
Nice quality but didnt fit around hubbys wrist without modification (zip tie and holes poked through the leather)
In the pictures and the video the wallet looks really well made good think material but when it came it was really thin and looks to be not well made on of those thing you know your going to have to replace after a shirt time. I haven't measured the chain yet but it does look shorter them I expected overall if I was at a store and saw this wallet it would not be something I'd buy or even come close to buying.
Loved them
Ordered for my father.
Great item
They Fit and Feel GREAT!!!!!
Wearing well
Years ago I received this as a gift from the Smithsonian Institution gift shop. Over time (a lonnng time) it became worn so I can attest to the durability. I was thrilled to find a replacement on Amazon at such a steal!
Another product that lives up to its reputation.
Christmas gift. Recipient happy.
If you want to have a dress for an undershirt I suggest you get this. It really is about 8 inches or so longer than a typical undershirt.
I was iffy about the color, but it didn't disappoint. I read reviews prior to purchasing and several people had issues using the strap. I haven't tried it, however I'll say that the loop to snap it in is at the same location where the handle is. The stitching seems sturdy and handles all my stuff so either that issue has been address or maybe those people were overloading the purse. My only annoyance, and it's a small one, is the Hogwarts tag and the metal on the tassels clang every time it moves. I want to be able to adjust it, but there is not an easy way to do that without forcing the sections apart and risk breaking them.
Great little wallet!
Nice fit except cuff very long.
Not as pictured. Maybe it is already assembled. Was looking for the screw driver shown in the picture.
I which I had a belt like this years ago. All belts should be made this way.

Its like an adjustable zip tie belt with an easy release lever. It adjusts to any quarter inch. You dont have to pull it past your most comfortable position; just tighten to your comfort and it is locked in place.
they look great just as described and in pictures
No negatives...its a good wallet
Great socks
Heavyweight fabric, sturdy collar, generous sizing and a pocket. What more could you ask for?