Great. One i like it..
I LOVE this bag!!!! Just as pretty as pictured. Perfect for a stylish briefcase or pack for work. Holds my iPad with keyboard, extra makeup, books and paperwork. Love it. So pretty!!!!!
For computer screen - so hipsterish she says
Great socks fits perfect bought 7pairs for the whole family every one lovs them
The iconic scratchy gloves of my childhood that I never thought I would appreciate. Growing up in a Korean home, it was ritual to SCRUB your body down every couple of months in a hot bath. As a child, this was HELL. As an adult, the dream.

I've been having issues with dryness with my skin lately, and like a fever dream, I remembered these nightmare gloves and immediately ordered these. Pro tip: draw a SCALDING hot bath. Slide in. Boil until you're red. Bring out these bad boys and go to town. The green is gentler (for sensitive areas/if you're new to this and need to ease yourself into it). The red is for areas that need it rough. NEVER USE THESE ON YOUR FACE. TRUST ME. I ripped through a layer of my face skin doing that when I was younger, and never did it again.

Oh, and make sure to moisturize afterwards.
Socks received were above calf.
Love this wallet
Talla ajustada
This was a gift! Very nice and practical!
loved them til they broke a month later
Great wallet for a kid-teenagers. The feature that drew me in was the zippered cash areagreat for camp.
Love it. It has started several conversations from friends and strangers asking about it.
I absolutely love these briefs! So much that after one day of wearing them I ordered another 3 pack. I went with the XL and they fit me perfect! Im 63 215 lbs. with a muscular build. I have a bigger butt than the average guy from working out is why I need the XL. The material is so nice and theyre so comfortable wearing to work and the gym. As youll see in the other reviews yes theres a bunch of tags on the inside back. I cut them all off including the cloth type one with the size indicated on them, no big deal right?!
These are great socks! I got these for my fiance for Christmas and he loves them. Great quality and made in America!
Great boxers for the price. True to size.
love the shorts but latley the size isnt true I ordered 3 piar all 34s 1 was 34 the others said 34 but were 36 they were all made in nicaragua. I have some with the same problem from china so I guess its a crap shoot so 3 stars instead of 5
Fantastic purchase.

i assumed these would be very weak and I'd end up with a sagging waste band very quickly.

So far that's not the case. depending on the price (it fluctuates of course) I paid about $18 for 8 pairs. That's around $2.25 per pair and is a fantastic deal.

I ended up buying this then buying another of the same so I could just throw out all my old pairs and start clean with 16 brand new underwear garments and so far they've really held up for me.

Fantastic value for the price.
Love the earrings! Much better quality than I expected for the price.
they were slightly small.........but it is hard to tell what the size is without trying them on..........but they are alright and the pockets are a plus
Without a doubt, the BEST socks I have ever owned. I will wear nothing but these from now on.
Too big for my 4 year old. Will need to return then. Otherwise, nice material and color.
Lightweight and slim. Fits nicely in back pocket
Super excited to gift this and then it came scratched up!! What am I suppose to do with it now? I cant give this to anybody.
Like the fact that I can get exact fit at any time. Material feels soft.
Awesome shirt! Real cotton and quality is 10/10
Purchased these for my son. My husband died when he was 7 he never learned how to tie a tie from him. These are quick and fast.
First it is huge.....size down 2 sizes. Second you will not get what you ordered. It is not mostly cotton, but it has a high percentage of poly. And, the color will not be what you order. Classic bate and switch.
Bought as a gift and shipped to recipient. I don't know how it fit
or anything else other than what I read in the description, Q & A
and reviews.