it's just fine
The Classic Dome Satchel is very nice, the orange color was what I was looking for. Will order in another color. I use it for church just the right size.
great t-shirts , great price
No more sagging shorts! My previous solution was to tighten my belt. This never really worked. I also believe that by tightening your belt, you are constricting your digestive tract, keeping food in your upper tract much longer than you should. When summer hits, most people wear their shirts outside their pants. Hold-Ups take advantage of this situation by fastening invisibly under your shirt. All wearers of pants should wear their shirts untucked to take advantage of this. Love them!
Excellent quality! Very happy with the belt!
great shirt
This was a gift to a friend and she loves it. Pretty cross necklace
Quality rivals top-shelf name brands.

First of all, lenses. Extremely comfortable on the eyeballs. You know the strain your eyes pick up right away when putting on a pair of bad sunglasses. NOT THESE. VERY COMFORTABLE. Meaning the shapes of the glasses themselves are true enough that theres no distortion of any sort.

The tint of this pair, the brown glasses, they create a gentle highlighting effect on the landscape, when theres full sun above.

The frames: sterdy. Middle-of-the-road approach. The design of metal studs at the end of frame creates enough flair.

I have also bought the black frame green tint pair made by the same company. Also top notch, and after 10 months of normal wear, through pockets and car holders, theres NO SCRATCH on the lenses.

Last but not least: they honor their 1-year warranty. My pair had received damage; they sent replacement after contact made.
Its very cute I think the bday girl would love it
I don't have any complaint other than the hat could have been a little less flimsy around the brim other than that it's a pretty good looking at I just ironed out the brim.
Nice quality pants and look great. Fit as expected. Very well priced too. You will be happy if you decide to purchase.
Great buy
plastic frames and plastic lenses. Possibly counterfeit. I will only buy from ray ban. No more third parties.
My favorite shirt ever. Wear for work or golf. Stays dry and the collar never curls.

I have ordered every color. Can't beat them for the price.
very good
I have tried the UA Boxer Jock mesh, o-series, and this version. By far, this is the most comfortable of the three. If you plan on sitting for long periods of time or want a generally comfortable boxer brief this would be the one. The fabric is smooth with a minimum of interior seems, which makes it the most comfortable of three. The mesh version presses into your skin after sitting for long periods (e.g. working at your desk or driving during rush hour), the mesh is ideal for sports activities (e.g. running, anything standing). The current version is better than the o-series because of the softer fabric (right out of the box, it was already softer) and better placement of interior seems to avoid discomfort.

Even though I already own various pairs of the other Boxer Jock versions, I am purchasing more of the style listed in this order because I think it is THE version of the Boxer Jock to own.
Great wallet/
Thank you so much
Love this belt.. couldn't be any more satisfied!
Absolutely beautiful! I don't take it off, and it stays shiney pretty! It's tiny, just what I wanted!
Looks and works great fit great and comfortable in my pants
I really don't like when I order something it take to long to get it.

ebay is not so slow
Pretty thin but it looks good
wear for everyday
I started wearing these boxer briefs 4 or 5 years ago just as a trial, and I've continued wearing this style ever since. If you haven't given them a try, it's time to see how they feel and fit for yourself.
Comfortable. Would like to cover to end of but cheek and start of leg and add a bit more elastic tension to keep in place. Can creep into a wedgie.
My kid loves it
I switched to Hanes in 2004, and have been very pleased with fit, comfort, and durability. These Hanes I received today have been washed and I am wearing. They are the best quality I have ever had from Hanes, Jockey, or any other brand. I love these and am buying more so I can throw away all my others. Highly recommended.
GreAt quality ! Good fit very comfortableérieur-boucles