long, breathable, thin material, neck fits very loose
Material is too thin.
Pretty sure this is a knock-off. I just received it in the mail, and unlike the pictures, the inside lining is not the patterned fabric. Also, the stripe at the top of the bag in the picture does not exist on the bag I received. If this is in fact a real Vera Bradley bag it's disappointing that the pictures on here did not represent the product correctly.
These are some of my favorite athletic shorts. I look great in the gym and feel more confident when wearing them. I do think they run a little small though. I find myself wanting the waistband to be a little looser.
Love this purse.
So glad I purchased this set. Beyond great buy for the price
Very pretty looked just like the pic! Can't wait to use it (:
Granddaughter had these one day and the back is lost.
The materials are very soft and heavy duty. I got these to use running outside now winter is getting here and I have only used them as PJ's because they are so comfortable. I'll be getting another pair or two for sure.
I'm 5'10 and 190lbs and they fit me perfect in my opinion.
These fit as expected and my brother loves them. You certainly won't find a better deal 5 pair of name brand white boxers anywhere else.
It gets very cold in MN and this does a great job of keeping me warm.
I was not expecting much for the price but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this piece. It is a gift I am proud to give.
I have only used it for a few days. So far i really like it. Its very light, it holds tight, and looks great. Its very thin so it pulls through the belt loops a little to easily.
i bought these and returned them. they had scratches on them
I have sensitive ears. I've had my ears pierced 3 times in my life because my ears heal when I don't keep earrings in them 24/7. I realized that I hated sleeping in earrings because the backs would poke me. I also didn't enjoy wearing earrings because "cheap" earrings would make my ears red and itchy. So, I searched Amazon for "sleep earrings ". They are small, shiny, and easy to get on/off. I've been sleeping soundly and my ears have not reacted. I've been wearing them for 2 months 24/7 and the gold plating is wearing off on the inner hoop, the part that goes through my ear. I'm afraid that my ears will react soon, but so fat so good.
Surprisingly very well made. Looks neat.
husband liked it
The Rubik box bag arrived exactly as seen on the photo listing. It is unique, fun and can hold enough items inside. The quality is ok for what you pay for. Overall, it is a good item for the price.
I have 8 keys on the key holder, wanted to put on11 keys, wouldn't fit even with the extension and the ones on there were a pain in the A** to put on.
I love this bag. I bought it as a carry on for extras while on vacation. It is very well made and the yellow is a soft beautiful color. A very efficient bag for a terrific price.
Really cute, love it very much, it matches my Purse!
Typically well made nad good looking Carhartt product. Size was perfect even though I have a small head size. Didn't have to make any major adjustments in the back - so no bunching up. Looks and fits very well. The peak of the hat just needed a little tweaking to get a little more curve to it.
Absolutely stunning glasses.
Everything is as advertised by the seller, and it arrived sooner than expected. The person I purchased the handbag for, could not be happier. Need I say anything more? Purchase with confidence.
Not bad, fit as expected, these have no spandex in them and by the end of the day can be droopy. Get some with spandex in them if you want the fit to stay the same from first on to off.
Really like the hat. Fits just as I hoped it would. More important though, my wife likes it. The Big test will be our next vacation.
Broke after a month and my daughter wore it twice, disappointed that chain broke so quickly.
Levis as advertised, quick shipping
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