excellent product !!
As described.
What would you like to know. They are socks
Its a very cute watch and my daughter loves it. I first thought that the watch strap caused an alergic reaction but the reaction was due to something she ate at daycare. This made my daughters day knowing she is keeping the watch, something to flaunt with!
This is a stunning set of jewelry! Only drawback- the pearls got discolored pretty quickly.
This wallet performs as expected. It is sufficient to hold all of my boyfriends essential stuff.
Very nice bag, but was much bigger than the 11 1/2x11 1/2 stated. Too big for stadiums!
I wear it daily!
I bought two of these, one for me and one for my husband. We both love them. I use mine in morning walks with our dog. My face was getting wind burned. Not anymore!!
My husband just told me that he really loves his, too.
They're very lightweight and you could use it with the whole head covered or just partially covered.
Totally recommend!
I wasn't expecting them to be form fitting. But, I am getting used to the fit and ware them under my regular t-shirts.
My girlfriend loved it! Great price, and looks amazing!
I have a rather large stomach. To fit my stomach, I have to order a 44 waist, but the 44s were so baggy in the seat and thighs that I look (and felt) terrible. I ordered the 42s, and they fit very well - the waist stretches to fit and still has give for sitting and moving around. The 42 fits extremely well in the seat and thighs. Immediately ordered another pair and sent all my other jeans to the thrift store.
Great wallet and it smells good also
The lenses are clear and have strong polarization. The metal frame is precisely made. You probably will have to carefully bend the nose pad stalks in order to achieve the most comfortable fit for your nose. These sunglasses look just as nice as shown in the product photos. I am pleased with my purchase.
They fit very well.
The delivery time was literally months. The quality does not seem to be up to par with Hanes. After washing like I have always done, a few pairs had holes and were ripped when they were still basically new. Never had any underwear in my entire life rip so quickly.
So cute. I was looking for one similar to the Madewell Panama hat Meghan Markle wears bc that one is sold out. This is almost identical. Comfortable, great quality too.
Great presentation, will buy more!
Excellent sun glasses for golf
I would've liked a little less "show" to these socks (they are low cut, but not quite low enough for me), but they otherwise fit as expected and are comfortable.
Not real thick, but not too thin either.
Again, It's Underwear
Id like them find everything fit me just right
They came in small packs with a small piece of paper to prevent them tangling and got both silver and gold options. There were two of them that weren't layered but cute just the same. They are worth the cost.
Great product and a good price
This bag is so great, especially for the price. Love the two side pockets on the outside and inside the main part of the bag, there is a zip pocket and another pocket on the other side. It's lightweight and seems to be durable - I've used it every day for a couple of months now. Color is nice and the inside is cute too. Would definitely recommend!
Soooo beautiful! Wore them to Miami and they completed my bright dress! So tropical and fun the colors really stand out on these fabulous earrings. Were very durable and definitely do not look or feel cheap
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